10 Social Media Insights Essential for Recruiting in 2024

social media insighs

As a recruiter, you can always expect social media (regardless of the platform) to undergo constant transformation. The trends may come and go, but in 2024, it will be more about paving the way for innovation and creativity rather than conforming to the algorithm’s rules.  By familiarizing yourself with the latest social media trends, you…

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Marketing Tax Deductions for Recruiters

Marketing tax deductions for recruiters 2023

As we get closer to the end of the year, taxes are likely looming in your mind. We don’t like to think about them, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Whether you ran just one digital marketing campaign or hired a marketing firm to build a new website or advertised your services all…

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TikTok as a Search Engine in 2024


If you had any doubts before, TikTok as a search engine is here to stay. TikTok’s journey from a video-sharing app to a search engine is nothing short of remarkable. This transformation has been driven by several factors, including its rapidly growing user base, a diverse range of content creators, and its algorithm’s ability to…

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10 Must-Know Strategies for Landing Pages

8 Must-Know Strategies for Landing Pages

Why landing pages are important Landing pages play a crucial role in any successful marketing strategy. They serve as the first point of contact for potential customers, allowing them to learn more about your product or service. By directing traffic to a specific landing page, you can tailor the information and messaging to align with…

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New LinkedIn Features Recruiters Should Definitely Know

new linkedin features

New LinkedIn features have officially rolled out! With its range of advanced tools for publishing and building community, LinkedIn Pages give recruiters and staffing firms the chance to communicate their purpose, values and offerings.  New LinkedIn Page features are always available to help organizations maximize their online presence. Learn how you can make the most…

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10 Principles of Effective Recruitment Web Design

effective web design

At Recruiters Websites, we’ve seen our share of bad websites. We’re talking about the oddest layouts, the most horrendous clash of color and over-the-top animations that’ll make your head spin.   Creating an effective design for your website is a key factor in ensuring the success of your recruiting firm. Consider how elements like layout, color…

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10 Things Recruiters Should Know About SEO in 2023

SEO in 2023

SEO  for recruiters in 2023 looks a lot different. You’ve probably heard it a million times from us, but SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to help your recruitment website stand out and attract more traffic. SEO is all about making your website, content and keywords work together to help your website appear…

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TikTok as a Search Engine: Why Recruiters Should be on TikTok

tiktok as a search engine

As a 24-year-old barely millennial, barely Gen Z (alternatively, a Zillennial), TikTok has been my guilty pleasure ever since COVID-19 shut down the world. Amidst all the dance routines, resume tutorials and easy-bake train wreck of pasta recipes that would give an Italian grandmother a heart attack, TikTok has easily replaced Google as the go-to…

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How to stay motivated during a long web design project

long-term project

At Recruiters Websites, long-term projects are kind of our thing. From digital strategies to website design and development, we’ve seen it all. And like any long-term project, we know that staying motivated for its entirety is a beast.  Maintaining your motivation isn’t easy, but it is something that we’re familiar with. Here are our six…

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