The Importance of Complete, Effective Feedback

Without effective feedback, projects can get bogged down as people try to figure out what certain comments actually mean.

“What do you think of this?” “It’s good.” Ugh. What a frustrating answer. Maybe even the most frustrating answer. Other top contenders include: “It’s bad.” “I like it.” “I don’t like it.” “It’s fine.”  You get the gist. As a content creator, giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important parts of my…

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The Five Types of Recruiters on LinkedIn

For recruiters on LinkedIn, this tool can be an excellent way to connect with potential candidates and clients.

LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiters, employers and candidates. It allows for people to make strong personal and professional connections, and it’s an effective resource for showing your unique skills. For recruiters, it can be an excellent way to connect with potential candidates. That being said, you’ll also find a number of unique personalities…

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