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Every company needs a website. As the digital revolution continues to charge forward, an online component is no longer a part of your business, it is the core. Being connected is the norm for people today and if they are looking for a product or service, their quest typically begins with a search engine. According to companies such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, there’s actually only one thing worse for a company than not having a website, and that’s having an outdated one. When your company is reaching out to corporations and candidates, they will use your site to discern the type of business you run. Are you cutting edge? Do you have the resources they need to fulfill their goals? If your site is outdated, the answer is simple, no. Today candidates are using all available means to look for jobs. Eighty-five percent will look for a company and/or open positions using Google and other search engines. Those numbers also reflect the first thing candidates do when a company (such as a recruiter) reaches out to them. If the site they come to isn’t reputable, they will quickly move on. An updated site is equally important for partner companies. Despite the growing number of communication channels, 80% of the companies actively use websites to find information about a potential vendor or partner.

At Recruiters Websites, we make sure your website is well-designed, up-to-date and uniquely you. Whatever your specialty or differentiating factor, we craft our custom-built sites to highlight those aspects and bring them to the forefront for partner companies and candidates. Your updated site will garner you higher results on search engines, drive companies and candidates to contact your team and present a better face for your organization to the digital world. Results are our business, and we communicate with you throughout the entire process to make sure you get the results you need. Contact us today to start developing your online presence and to make sure your first impression with potential partners is a strong one.   Contact Us for a FREE Website Evaluation!