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Jeff Gipson

Lead Developer, Graphic Designer

  • Design 50%
  • Web Programming 80%
  • Internet Marketing 75%
  • SEO 85%
  • Photoshop 65%
Staffing Websites

Steve Gipson

Sales Specialist 

  • Sales 85%
  • Marketing 70%
  • Customer Service 90%
  • Social Media 70%
  • Web Development 50%
Staffing Websites

Matthew McKenzie

Graphic Designer,  Developer

  • Photoshop 85%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Illustrator 50%
  • Social Media 70%
  • Web Development 65%
Staffing Websites

Timely Support

We understand, in the search and placement industry, that time spent away from the phone is time wasted. We take pride in delivering timely services with constant communication and support to our clients. This way, our clients may focus their attention on the development of their business.

Staffing Websites

Innovative Ideas

We try to think “Out of the Box” with our approach by giving you a design that makes both candidates and clients look twice. We design websites for recruiting firms that POP of the screen by utilizing your brand and your colors to create a professional web presence for your recruiting firm. The end result, giving you a powerful recruiting and marketing tool that works for you.

Staffing Websites

Advanced Technology

We build recruiting websites on a platform that grows and updates as technology evolves. Utilizing fast loading responsive CMS design coupled with dynamic content, animated graphics, and sharp images as well as ATS/CRM Integration or custom job posting script. All combined creating a powerful recruiting website you will be proud to show your clients.

Staffing Websites

Clear Communication

Just as you approach your recruiting business taking a one on one approach to managing client relationships is at the core of recruiting profession. We are client focused, and are always just an email or call away from prompt courteous care. Whether your issue is catastrophic or you just need a little direction don’t be shy.

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