“Modern” boasts sharp edges and bold custom color variations with transparent overlays, tonal color variations, and rounded buttons for a unique touch. The design features flat areas of color, thin line accents and brand reinforcement through logo incorporation in carousels and the use of brand colors site wide. Every carefully crafted call-to-action supports your business growth goals, making “Modern” the ideal Blueprint for elevating your online presence.

Created for Recruiters:

Blueprint is the recruiter’s hassle-free website resource

Blueprints: Your optimized digital starting point

With interactive elements such as carousels, tab systems, step-by-step processes and hover effects, this “Modern” Blueprint dynamic creates an engaging and easily accessible user experience.

Bringing you a master-crafted digital presence.

RW Blueprints goes beyond the traditional web browser to elevate your digital presence with a cross-platform digital experience that is not only attractive and functional but also inclusive.

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