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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 2: Redefining the Diverse Workforce

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The benefits of a diverse workforce have long been touted and at this point should be almost redundant. This is not to suggest all issues related to diversity have been resolved, as there are still numerous companies that have failed to address issues of diversity pertaining to their workforce. But for the companies who have adopted and prospered from their early inclusion of diversity-driven initiatives, it is time for them to take notice of a new era in the way we define, recruit and hire for a diverse workforce.


For Your Clients Who are Playing Catch-up

As the demand for diversification has intensified, several companies have failed to properly respond. This is not a reflection of any intentional act to discriminate but rather a lack of effort to refine recruiting processes. Many companies continue to rely on the same measures by which they have always recruited, and, of course, this has resulted in garnering the same results. Recruiters who are able to introduce diversity-driven measures will become exceptionally valuable to clients seeking to rectify their hiring practices.


Expanding the Definition of Diversity

While you may have clients who have gone to great lengths to improve their diversity-based hiring practices, odds are there is an evolving faction of diversity they have overlooked:  neurodiversity. Neurodiversity refers to the inclusion of people with all sorts of cognitive abilities and patterns, from ADHD and dyslexia to people on the autism spectrum. As this once unexplored field becomes more scrutinized, it is likely we witness increased efforts to consider neurodiversity when detailing our hiring practices.


Diversification is Inevitable

Census projections indicate that a majority of the US population will be comprised of minority groups by 2040. The implication is rather simple: companies that fail to reflect an increasingly diverse populace within their ranks will be at greater risk of seeming outdated and being ostracized. Maintaining relevance among professionals will greatly depend on the image perpetuated by an organization’s action (or inaction) as it relates to inclusion. The longer companies take to incorporate diversity hiring initiatives, the more it may be perceived as intentional rather than oversight.


As recruiters, you no doubt understand and appreciate the vital role diversity has played and will continue to play in hiring practices. What is important for you is to exhibit that knowledge. At Recruiters Websites, we are vastly experienced at helping recruiting firms and staffing agencies develop marketing campaigns and digital properties that exemplify your understanding of the expanding role diversity plays in the sourcing of today’s top talent.

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