First Interview is the worlds largest recruiter network dedicated to placing top sales, sales management and marketing candidates with Fortune 1000 clients . Our exclusive focus is high end talent with progressive experience and a track record of success.
We are specialists in most markets including IT, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare, Consumer, Business to Business, and Industrial.

PCRecruiter by Main Sequence Technology, Inc. offers a total suite of recruitment CRM and applicant tracking tools, such as integrated email management, MS Outlook embedding and sync, scheduling, custom reporting, job board posting, and robust search capabilities, with easily configurable screens for full control of data flow and terminology. PCRecruiter fits the needs and budget of organizations ranging from one to thousands. With nearly two decades of experience and outstanding customer support, Main Sequence is your first choice when seeking recruitment solutions.

 EMinfo - an online publication written for staffing and recruiting professionals.  We covered the most current trends in technology, digital marketing, owner and manager tips, staffing and hot topics in each and every monthly issue.  We deliver to your inbox as well as post articles on our website. Take a look at and view an issue!