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We gathered eight categories of tax-deductible marketing expenses for recruiters, as well as some that are not “marketing."

Marketing Tax Deductions for Recruiters

As we get closer to the end of the year, taxes are likely looming in your mind. We don’t like to think about them, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Whether you ran just one digital marketing campaign or hired a marketing firm to build a new website or advertised your services all…

tiktok as a search engine

TikTok as a Search Engine: Why Recruiters Should be on TikTok

As a 24-year-old barely millennial, barely Gen Z (alternatively, a Zillennial), TikTok has been my guilty pleasure ever since COVID-19 shut down the world. Amidst all the dance routines, resume tutorials and easy-bake train wreck of pasta recipes that would give an Italian grandmother a heart attack, TikTok has easily replaced Google as the go-to…

Color Your Brand - Recruiters Websites

Color Your Brand in 2022

Target. Google. Coca-cola. Starbucks. When thinking of these companies, what do you see? Did you picture Target’s red and white bullseye, Google’s colorful serif logo, Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white script, and Starbucks’ green mermaid? Some companies’ branding is just as famous as their services. When you see these color combinations, even in another setting,…

Why your recruiting business should have a recruiting blog

Why your recruiting business should blog

A lot of our clients say the following when we bring up the blog—we don’t have time, we can’t be consistent with it, or we’re not writers. These are all valid considerations, but collectively or separately they are not good enough reasons to discard this tool for all the potential good it can do for…

Recruiters Websites and Haley Marketing

Recruiters Websites + Haley Marketing: What You Need to Know

We have some big news to share. A few weeks ago, Recruiters Websites merged with Haley Marketing. If this comes as a surprise, know it has been in progress for some time. We are excited about what this means for our team and especially our clients … and for what we are going to bring…

Choosing the right SEO keywords to be found online

How to choose the right SEO keywords

We’ve all heard the term “content is king,” and for a while that blanket statement rang true. Now, it might be a bit dated. As the internet has evolved, so, too, has the way we deliver digital content. Search engine optimized (SEO) content is king now—at least if you want it to be seen. Despite…

Recruiters need to grow their client base. Yes, even you.

One of the most astonishing responses we encounter when informing prospective clients of the importance of having and maintaining a high-functioning, well-designed website is, “I have plenty of clients. I don’t need new ones.” I believe you’d be hard-pressed to examine a successful business that stopped seeking to grow its base. Another diversion to the…

SourceWhale - Q&A with Time Hogwood - RW blog

Q&A with Tim Hogwood from SourceWhale

At Recruiters Websites, we always strive to remain on the cusp of the industry, understanding and staying ahead of trends, in order to provide our clients and those within the industry with news and insights. Recently, we sat down with Tim Hogwood, CEO and co-founder of SourceWhale, a recruitment engagement company based in the U.K.…

Ghosting - RW blog image

Who ya gonna call? Seriously, who? You’ve been ghosted.

We know we’re not the first to write about it, and we won’t be the last, but we need to talk about ghosting. The realities of recruiting are sometimes less than ideal. Candidates shouldn’t ghost you, but it does happen, especially in a market where professionals have such leverage.  But we’re not here to talk…

Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page blog

Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again: a website is one of your best marketing tools. People may not always consider the about page very important, but it is vital for your recruiting website. Your whole website is dedicated to you, but your about page serves as a permanent place to…