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recruiting and staffing organizations

Recruiting and Staffing Organizations in Your Area

Being a recruiter can be stressful—especially if you’re the star of a one-person show—but joining one of the dozens of recruiting and staffing organizations can take away some of that tensity by connecting you to other people who understand your struggles. These networks can serve as a think tank to help you develop new skills…

hosting provider

Hosting: A need for speed

“America is all about speed, hot nasty bad-ass speed.” — Eleanor Roosevelt OK, so maybe Talladega Nights misattributed this quote to Eleanor Roosevelt (or maybe not!) but that doesn’t make it any less true. Americans like things fast—fast food, fast cars, Fast and Furious movies and fast results. We want everything to be fast and…

great recruiting blogs

5 Recruiting Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

Recruiting is an industry that is always evolving and facing new challenges. Regardless of the industry for which you recruit, technology, market trends and hiring criteria are constantly developing. When you’re in need of new tips, there are some great recruiting blogs you can use as a reference. Here are some of our favorites: The…

when to update your website

Does Your Website Need an Upgrade?

Why you need a website refresh You already know how important a website is to the success of your recruiting business. Without one, clients may never know you exist or how different you are from other recruiters. Your website is part of your sales pitch, and it needs to represent the quality of your business.…

recruiting emails

Recruiting Emails: Beyond the Basics

Recruiters and companies have gone to great lengths to stand out when reaching out to candidates. Spotify recruiters have made entire playlists that spelled out a hidden message, telling the candidate “We need you!” and asking them to “Join the Band?” The president of gaming company Red 5 Studios sent 100 candidates a package filled…

Books for recruiters

Best Recruiting Books For Your Summer Reading List

Whether you’re just starting out in the recruiting industry or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn. If you’re looking for a new method of locating talent or a better way to use technology, you can always pick up a few tips and tricks from other successful recruiters. We’ve compiled a list…

How to use LinkedIn Reactions to complement your recruitment efforts.

LinkedIn Reactions Explained for Recruiters

As recruiting and staffing professionals, you know the value of LinkedIn and how the platform makes it easier for you to connect with clients and candidates in the right industries and positions. Now, LinkedIn is making efforts to increase user engagement and improve digital connections—and this provides you with new communication opportunities. Why reactions on…

2019 Recruiting Conferences

Top 5 Recruiting Conferences of 2019

As we near the middle of the year, it’s time to check in on New Year’s Resolutions (if you set them). Have you been going to the gym like you said you would? (I know I haven’t.) Have you been spending less time on social media? (I’ve been failing at this one too.) The good…

staffing website

What your staffing website needs to succeed

We live in an age when how you appear online is everything. It’s almost guaranteed that, after you call a potential client, the first thing they do is a quick Google search on your staffing or recruiting firm. Every recruiter knows impressions matter and, today, your digital impression matters too. How your staffing website looks…

What is dead may never die: Why the business website will never be dethroned

Warning: Depending on the season of Game of Thrones you’re on, this post may contain some spoilers. If you’re not caught up, proceed with caution. All too often, we hear “websites are dead” or “why pay for a website when I can use social media for free?” The truth is, traditional websites and social media…

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