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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 3: Recruiting for New Roles

Recruiting New Roles

While it may seem clear that the world is rapidly changing, the exact effects on talent acquisition have yet to be pronounced. What is certain is that the roles and positions within companies will undergo dramatic changes. As the greater social landscape of business continues to evolve, disruption to corporate structure and hierarchy is expected to accelerate throughout 2019. With the rise of value in the social consciousness of corporations, it is expected we will see a proportionate rise within these organizations, from the general staff to the C-suite, of roles that reflect a shift.


From Ladder to Lateral

We’re not so disillusioned to suggest that all vertical models of promotion and advancement will disappear. What does appear to be happening is a broadening of roles and responsibilities at all levels. According to Sanyin Siang, a professor at Duke University and executive director of the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics, what we have already seen and will likely continue to occur is a transition from traditional linear mindsets to a focus on ecosystem.


How Ecosystem Translates to Experience

Employees and employers will adjust to rely less on predictive models action to more integrated and organic forms of communication and collaboration. This can mean greater responsibility at more levels, but it can also mean greater accountability. This also means companies will place greater emphasis on hiring individuals who not only have the required skills but also have a proven record of boosting a company’s wellbeing. From mentor-leaders to skeptical thinkers, an organization will survive by identifying a broader range of ideologies and mindsets.


Executive Recruiters Will Be Placing a New Chief

As we’ve stated, the effects of a changing hierarchy will reverberate through nearly all levels of professionals. This includes the C-suite. Given the climate of ever-increasing accountability for executives, changes at the highest levels of business should come as no surprise. With an increasing focus on the importance of core values, we are already seeing the addition of a new executive:  chief ethics officer. The rapid ascension of technology has placed companies in a position to no longer ask “Can we?” but rather “Should we?” From issues of data security to the incorporation of AI, chief ethics officers will be saddled with the daunting task of steering organizations down a path that balances profits with values.


The addition and creation of new talent and roles will require an evolving field of recruitment. The effectiveness of messaging has never been more vital. Firms that wish to sustain their reputation and remain relevant will need to clearly communicate to clients that they are prepared to handle this evolution. As the world of business changes, so should the way you communicate and interact with your clients. From a refined web presence that reflects a forward-thinking approach to a marketing campaign that connects to these adapting industries, Recruiters Websites keeps recruiting firms and staffing agencies ahead of the curve and above their competition.

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