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8 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

The reasons for a website redesign vary from one recruiting firm to the next, but the desire for higher conversion rates remain the same

The reality of having a website is that once enough time passes, you have to redesign that website. It doesn’t matter how much time or money you originally spent on your site, a redesign is inevitable. Design trends change, companies change hands, new lines of business become popular. The reasons for undertaking website redesign vary from one recruiting firm to the next, but the desire for higher conversion rates and a better user experience are typically the main reasons.

8 Signs It's Time to Redesign Your Website

Leads are dropping

This one might seem obvious since the whole purpose of having a website is to attract potential clients and candidates that lead to a placement. A consistent decline in leads is a symptom of larger issues. Although your firm should take the time to determine the specific reasons for the decline, the fact that it’s happening can be enough of a reason in itself for a website redesign.

Visitors aren’t engaging

Creating blog posts, videos and graphs and then not seeing people read or view them can be a total disappointment. However, it might be your website rather than the quality of the content you created that failed to inspire visitors to interact with you.

Slow page loads

How long do you wait for a website to load before abandoning ship and trying another link? Forty percent of people will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. People go to a website to find the information they need right away. Clicking away from the website and going to a competitor is the natural result of having to wait more than a few seconds for web pages to load.

Outdated design

When people provide feedback about business websites, complaints about design rank higher than anything else. You need to consider that people judge the aesthetics of a website within seconds of navigating to it. If the site is too busy or the design looks like it’s more than a couple of years old, a lot of people might not give it a second chance.

Inconsistent branding

We talked about how website redesign gives businesses the chance to make brand images and messages more consistent. If your website’s look and feel differ considerably from print collateral and in-person displays, customers can become confused. Aligning all branding ensures that people know symbols and messages that represent your company when they see them.

Broken site elements

Don’t create unnecessary frustration by having broken links, missing images or buttons that don’t go anywhere on your site. Not only can broken website elements harm your company’s reputation, but they can also decrease SEO. Although all businesses should prioritize fixing broken website elements, some websites do not have the infrastructure to support upgrades. That is a sure sign that the time for a website redesign has come.

Little to no SERP ranking

When you understand that 93 percent of people begin their online experience using a search engine and that three-quarters of them do not look beyond the first page of results, you are right to feel concerned about your company’s search ranking. The launch of a new website is a good opportunity to create new paid and organic SEO strategies that move your firm’s website to a higher position on SERPs (search engine results pages).

You’re growing

A firm that outgrows its website has a good problem, but the problem still requires a resolution. The pursuit of company growth should accompany website redesign to ensure that the new website can keep pace with customer demands.

It’s important that you and your firm consider all eight signs before taking on the task of a website redesign. By utilizing tools such as Google Analytics, you can see a bigger picture of what needs to be done for a better overall user experience from the start. Our team at Recruiters Websites can help you figure out just what your firm needs on your new site to set you up for success. Let’s chat!

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