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A most fitting marketing lamentation during this time of general contagion


To my dearest friends, family and colleagues, to you far-off ladies, gentlemen, ne'er-do-wells and ne’er-do-won’ts,

I do know that it is the year of our Lord, two thousand and twenty, but what day it is, of that I can not be for certain. The sun rises and the sun sets, but a plethora of communal rhythms have calmed and when they will stir, I cannot say and dare not speak it for fear the great consciousness that permeates the cosmos might hear me and make me an honest fool. So I sit here, at the base of a tower testament to a bygone age, silent but for the keystrokes echoing down the ceramic skin of lonely halls. 

Many have left, abandoned their posts, for fear of bad humours permeating the very air we breathe. Their nosophobia is well and reasonable; however, with proper behavior both considerate and hygienic, I believe, as do all my comrades in arms, that this is a storm we can courageously weather while still and always being of service. We do not waver. We do not falter. 

In this forest of concrete and metal, this wild metropolitan savannah, the lions have vanished and their roars along with them. These days I hear the faintest sound in the distance as some faceless stranger screaming, “You are not alone!” A car door chiming is to me the bells ringing on Christmas morning and deserves equal jovial exaltation.

I look forward to the full vibrant heartbeat of civilization to beat loudly once more.

We toil on, day by day, the work and purpose our only anchors to chronological time. I have a focus now that is neigh unshakable save those precious moments my mind finds wistful memories of you all. We are not so far parted, but for my heart, you must be ten thousand sorrowful miles away, so far one might dream of your angelic faces but never see. My flare for the dramatic burns brightest in this perpetual night, but I do fully digress. 

I suppose we might be seen as most fortuitous, so proficient as to be called most skilled in the digital trades, to be capable of reaching over this entire nation, connected, communicating and unspoiled by this plague to human contact. And, while I do express great lamentations to the loss of touch to our generation’s great terror, I am most glad to be of service and occupied. 

Every letter of every word of every sentence I put to the page is another note in a battle hymn titled, “We Are Here!” and we will not be swayed from creating, designing and integrating this path toward the higher digital ground. We will climb, crawl and trudge to produce websites beautiful as the western sky and marketing so masterfully done one might suspect it was sung by the orators of old. 

We remain loyal to the memory of what was and look to what will be with feverous expectations. We are here. We are working. We will not be deterred. To this pestilence, we say “NO”… and wash our hands, adhere to the parameters of social distancing and attend no gatherings of ten or more individuals. 

We want everyone to be well, remain safe and stay positive about the future. We are getting through this and pretty soon we will all be stronger than ever. Sometimes when the world looks a little too serious, we need to satire it up a bit. We hope you enjoyed this dramatization and just wanted you all to know that we are active and working for you. 

Always and most sincerely yours,

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Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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