Applicant Tracking System Integration

Applicant Tracking System Integration Applicant Tracking System Integration A better Applicant tracking system Integration with your website: FrustratedIt’s 2016, Puppy, Monkey, Baby happened, and like it or not, technology continues to drive the way the recruiting industry does business.  Websites were once viewed simply as an online brochure but now function as an essential resource for connecting with prospective clients and candidates. It is a place to gain industry knowledge, efficiently apply to positions, and a direct avenue to interact with their search partners. With the evolution of recruiting websites, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), such as PCRecruiter, BullHorn, CATS, and AKKEN have become more refined and robust and offer new ways to integrate with your website. This is a very valuable resource. These applicant tracking system integrations not only streamline the process of posting open searches to your site, but it also simplifies candidate entry into the database, consequently giving your team more time to focus on making phone calls and completing other important tasks.  These standard website integrations rely on technology like iFramesfeeds, or branded pages hosted elsewhere to provide these features to their clients.  Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to those approaches. The most noticeable are the appearance and design. Your firm doesn’t have a choice in the way that iFrame looks or operates! Even if you just made a significant investment to build a new great looking website, you will be forced to use a “one design fits all” window that looks awkward and takes away the appeal of your new website design.

However, the greatest downfall of standard applicant tracking system integrations isn’t the aesthetic component, but where the information is stored. At any given time, your recruiting firm has multiple positions posted, each with a unique job description that contains very specific keywords that potential clients and candidates are searching for. It may appear as if these descriptions are stored on your website, but if you’re using a standard applicant tracking system integration, that is not the case. In reality, that information is housed on the ATS’s server and gives your company zero chance of being found from the information within your position descriptions. Because of this, clients and candidates are less likely to locate your firm through search engines. How many placements is this costing your company?

Fortunately, there is a better option. Using an Application Programming Interface, or API, Recruiters Websites can cleanly integrate your ATS with your website. We can customize the look, feel, and operation of the job board while also storing the position descriptions on your firm’s website. This instantly increases the visibility of your firm’s site through any search engine and opens the window of opportunity for your staff to make more placements. If you would like to find out more about our custom ATS integrations, click here.