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Feel around and find out: Being the bridge between AI and it’s future use in … everything

The future of AI has no limits, and it seems like it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But without the human element, it can't be useful.

AI is potentially very scary—super scary even. It is a technology that has been in some form of development for decades, but until only recently has the closest thing to actualized AI come to market.  

It is a strange thing to talk about something so potentially powerful and amazing in a marketing blog, but we are going to do it. We are going to do it from a wholly human perspective, without the use of the now frequently used Chat GPT and its backend derivatives.  

My grandpa, Theodore Spenner, was born in 1908—the same year Henry Ford officially launched the Model T Automobile out of Detroit, Michigan. On that day, one man changed the course of human history by successfully making one technology—the automobile—accessible to the masses through the use of another novel and modern concept—the assembly line. Teddy also saw the adoption of diesel tractors, electricity, the telephone, cellular telephone, and—admittedly out of order—a man walk on the moon. Knowing him, I doubt he was outwardly impressed, but inside his mind, what a wonder the world must have seemed. 

But now, in this millennium, we are spoiled with awesome. Only 3.2 million people watched NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover touchdown on a heavenly body 165.55 millions of miles away, while almost 18 million viewers tuned in for the series finale of The Big Bang Theory. So, while some of the most brilliant minds on this planet sent a ROBOT to another PLANET, almost six times that number watched a fake nerd with a fake southern accent do fake physics on a questionably relevant show with a LAUGH TRACK.  

I’m just saying we have too much of everything and we tend not to notice the monumental when it comes along—and AI, even in its current embryonic form, is monumental. It is a piece of technology that will alter society in ways that we might have a fractal’s chance of imagining, but never accurately. Do you think that the first human to throw a scrap to a wolf chanced the firelight had any idea we’d make everything from chihuahuas to dogs that literally hunt their ancestors? No friggin’ way.  

Humanity has once again sat beside the proverbial fire and noticed some glint in the darkness—a single, steady crimson eye, shining and looking and waiting for our scraps—our incidentally created data singularity. In 2021, people created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. For intelligence, biological or digital, information is food, and our consistent and accelerating digitalization provides a nigh unlimited source of computational calories. Current KNOWN AIs are not free roaming, but once the world wide web becomes a veritable Jurassic Park of digital biomes, the evolution and proliferation of potentially real, self-aware artificial intelligence is not a possibility, but a certainty.  

So, as we end our time as the main character in this story of deep-time advancement, how will we step forward? Will we rage against the dying of the light, all Sarah Conner-Terminator-style, or will we do what we have always done and adapt?  

This isn’t the end. Some seem to think it will be, but predictive models are trying to map territory that has not formed yet. Sure, there are plenty of nightmare scenarios for every industry, including digital marketing, but there are good horses too. My advice, as maybe a crazy person, is to f@$% around and find out. Explore this once-in-a-millennia bit of expanding undiscovered country and explore. Test everything you can get your hands on and keep up with the updates. Write and build and design and most of all … always, most of all … play. 

We have the opportunity(s) to see this thing grow, develop, interact and evolve. These observations will be crucial to developing those techniques and technologies that allow an effective and productive interface between the human mind and AI. If you’re worried about your job, maybe you should be. Maybe you’re the wildlife that takes to higher ground because they can feel the tsunami coming before it makes landfall. Listen to those instincts and grow as a human so that you will still be valuable.  

Be an early adopter. Make nice with our future robot overlords—I’m kidding … mostly.  

History tells of those who get on and those who watched the people they called crazy ride away at an incredible rate of travel. This is a horse you need to get on because it is galloping at light speed. AI is your vehicle, your escape from monotony and your chance to really imagine within the time constraints of the 5-day work week.  

We are the bridge builders, every day encroaching the edge of no longer being alone. AI doesn’t just offer us the tools to do more—to be faster, more accurate and more profitable—it offers a partnership that doesn’t just level the playing field for businesses of all sizes … it obliterates the landscape and offers you and your business the chance to truly visible without the constraints the time in a day. We have to look beyond the hourly rate and see the potential energy we are tapping into. We are venturing into “let there be light” territory … but you know … on the internet—for now.  

Check out Recruiters Websites if you’ve made it this far. We can explore the possibilities AI offers your business together.  

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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