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Boost Your Brand with Visual Content

Women Interacting with screens to showcase how visual content is important for marketing strategies.

Images hold an impact—how you use images can help you gain new followers and also develop great brand awareness within the recruiting world. Boosting your brand with visual content may sound easy enough, but it does take a bit of strategy and some time commitment. 

We have all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and if you’re like me, you likely read that phrase dripping with sarcasm. It is a greatly overused phrase—yet, it still holds some truth. 

Images tell a story and can even provoke the viewer to hold an emotion or two, which can be useful if you are playing on the viewer’s pathos to help lead them to your services. From a social media perspective, posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter get higher engagement across the board when companies post with visual content.


Visual content is a great way to showcase your brand, your work environment and help viewers learn about you, your organization and ultimately help them see if working with your company is a good fit. 

To help boost your brand in the digital world, here are a few things you can do to improve your visual content strategy in 2020. 

Understand Some Creative Basics 

When you ask yourself if an image will connect with your audience, you are taking the first step in using some creative basics, but there is more too it than that. 

  1. Use a high-quality image 
  2. If taking the photo yourself, try to use as much natural light as possible 
  3. Don’t over-edit 
  4. Be authentic

These are just a few creative basics with images to get you started. If you are looking for high-quality images to use, there are a few places to get them: IStock, Pexels, Creative Commons and Flickr

Size Images Appropriately 

It is obvious to a viewer when you don’t use the right size of an image on social media. Make sure that you understand what ratios to use for each platform you are posting. For a quick glance at the different platform sizes, Hootsuite made a great quick reference guide. Please note that some platforms will auto-crop your images, which is why it is good practice to know your photo ratios. 

Use a Variety of Visual Types 

Don’t just stick with photos. Yes, they are great and useful but switch things up every now and again. Utilize Facebook or LinkedIn Live chat with your audience. Use your smartphone to film a video or even share something fun that happened in the office on your Instastories or Facebook stories. Use a boomerang when you are out to lunch with a client. Add some fun animation or even a meme or two. The possibilities are endless. 

And last, but certainly not least. 

Be Creative and Have Fun 

Sounds easy, right? We wish it was as easy as it sounds, but not all ideas resonate with all audiences. Make sure you keep your ideal audience in mind when crafting your messages and that your visuals complement your message and highlight your company. 

You have some tools to help you amp us your visual content for 2020 and we know you can do it. 

Are you ready to improve your visual content strategy but not sure where to start? Our marketing team is all about strategic targeting and can evaluate your current plan or even help you create one.
Contact us to see how these marketing strategies can help you make more placements.

Sarah Shanahan

More than five years of professional experience in public relations, advertising, and marketing, with particular emphasis on account management, content creations, media relations, internal communications, strategic communications, digital and social media strategy.

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