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Crelate Partners with Recruiters Websites to Strengthen Digital Solutions for Recruiters

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A great partnership can be defined by communication and vision. Recruiters Websites partners with clients, we are committed to open, honest and real communication. We believe this approach leads to a better understanding of each client’s vision which results in a solution that maximizes the potential of a customer’s digital ecosystem.

We take the same approach when partnering with vendors, which is why we’re especially excited to promote our partnership with Crelate.

Crelate is a leading cloud-based recruiting software company that empowers recruiters to better manage talent and opportunity pipelines in a single solution. With fast and powerful capabilities, Crelate optimizes recruiting processes from sourcing to hiring. Since 2012, the Crelate team has focused on customer success and prioritizing innovation based on user feedback. Customers have called Crelate the “Best ATS on the market” and a “recruiting game-changer.”

What makes the partnership between Crelate and Recruiters Websites so effective is that both companies are driven by a unified understanding of what recruiters need for success and a shared passion to provide firms with the technology to make it happen. This will strengthen digital solutions with recruiters.

One of the things we love most about working with Crelate is their passion to work for their clients. There’s no question that a lot of the “recruiting” software in the market today is developed with no understanding of what recruiters really need or how they really work. Coming from an extensive recruiting background, we were excited when we began working Crelate’s products. They were intuitive and thoughtful, as well as flexible and customer-centric. The recruiter side of our brain was thrilled with the prospect of solutions built with purpose. The developer side of our brain was eager to build integrations that blended Crelate products seamlessly into our clients’ digital environments.

From recruiting CRM and applicant tracking systems to job boards and candidate sourcing, Crelate brings their unique, client-focused approach into every service and product they develop. They succeed where so many recruiting technologies fail in that they provide solutions that are powerful and performance-driven but also personal enough to be curated to the specific needs of each client.

Whether it was when we were working a desk or while we have been developing websites, we have always known and believed that at its heart recruiting is a business that thrives on relationships. Successful recruiters live and breathe this philosophy. So does Crelate and so do we.

Together, we leverage technology to help our clients experience greater results and continued success. From Crelate’s services to our integrations, we strive to promote partnerships grounded in real relationships and defined by measurable results and strengthen digital solutions.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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