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Cultivating Culture: 4 Fundamentals to Building a Better Workplace

Cultivating Culture: 4 Fundamentals to Building a Better Workplace

Cultivating culture within any company is essential to its long term viability. Creating a work environment where your teams feel they can flourish, where they are valued—and they know it—makes for an engine that is innovative, adaptable and productive; but what do we build it with? What are the essential parts? How do we maintain a well-oiled machine that helps us realize our business’ vision?

The past six months pushed leaders and the teams that work beside them alike. We had to discover methods of working some of us had never done; utilize technology perhaps we weren’t familiar with, and all in all live and work in a world that seemed to have changed literally overnight. We were in this situation of pandemic whether we liked it or not, so we learned, evolved, became more flexible than we’ve ever been before and we got the job done. We got stronger and we developed or reinforced positive methods of perception, communication, training and leadership that have continued cultivating culture, bringing our teams closer and overall providing a platform that allows us all to do more at work.


Failure or not achieving the exact or intended result you were going for is literally part of any job or any difficult task we commit ourselves to. Our company cultures are the same. They are made of people—and people sometimes come up short. The important thing is to have the perspective to see what we want our culture to accomplish, versus how it is actually performing. What works? What doesn’t? How can your leadership remedy its shortcomings? We must take an inventory and consistently ask ourselves these questions to maintain a safe and stable working environment. 


A firm or company’s leadership must engage the company and members of a team must engage each other in meaningful and productive ways. Cultivating culture and gaining perspective consistently, go hand-in-hand. Regardless of size, actively communicating your target goals, obstacles to reaching them and how far you have come are all essential to engaging the employee base. Providing communication channels such as Slack and project and time management programs like Monday allow team members to get an accurate picture of what you are trying to achieve and where they fall in the plan. 


Training can be tedious, and the sad fact is many companies and organizations invest a bare minimum in training their teams. In doing so, without taking the time or investing the resources to implement and subsequently test their training methods, the devices they use are often not engaging and the message, the whole purpose of exposing an employee to this knowledge and content, is lost because it was presented in a way that does not pique interest. Training must be targeted, concise, revisited, trackable and testable. Gaining this data will allow your firm to adapt methods that are more suited to cultivating your company culture.  


This one is pretty easy, or it should be. Leadership is all about leading by example. Leaders must hold themselves to the same standards they set for their employees. They must strive to see their company accurately through employee engagement and efficient communication, and then attempt to make adjustments through flexible and targeted training methods. Cultivating culture is as much participating in that culture as it is about implementing change. You must be seen as walking, talking manifestation of your policies and a testament to their success.

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