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Is the digital presence of your recruiting industry website two steps behind?


The question of whether a recruiting website is important to your firm’s viability is long answered. The days of existing outside or, at best, on the outskirts of the digital landscape have expired and the ability to move into the future is largely based on one’s digital presence. Today it is not only the lack of an online presence but the lack of an effective one that can limit the success of an agency. A passive website can quite possibly do more harm than good. With online access being more ubiquitous than ever, failing to make yourself accessible across multiple platforms puts you at a serious disadvantage, and there is no platform more vital to your digital presence than mobile.

Why is mobile so important to your recruiting website?

Mobile internet access is no longer a supplement to the traditional desktop version. Nearly 20 percent of 18-34 year olds access the internet solely on mobile devices. If your mobile recruiting industry website is deficient, nearly a fifth of an entire demographic will never cross your threshold. The future of internet access is in our palms. If you to reach candidates and clients through this platform, you may not reach them at all.

Mobile traffic dominates

The majority of internet users gain access on mobile platforms. Google has reported that most of their searches take place on mobile. Any boutique recruitment firm that thrives on first impressions would be at a loss if they ignored what is likely to soon become almost the entirety of all internet access. It is not unlikely that one's entire digital presence will exist on a mobile platform. It is not just passive traffic either. Mobile users are more likely to respond to calls to action, whether that be to purchase a product or request a service.

There are great services such as Facebook and LinkedIn that can assist in strengthening your recruiting industry website, but on their own these resources lack the individuality of tailor-made websites. A well-designed mobile experience integrates these networks, amplifying the productivity of your online engagement. Clients and candidates are doing business across multiple platforms and with a variety of devices; therefore, the best way to engage them is to meet them where they are doing business.

The message mobile sends

As recruiters, the way we are viewed by candidates and clients is integral to our growth and success. At either end of the business, individuals are looking for a seamless experience when moving from desktop to mobile. This natural transition keeps them engaged and interested. A recruiting website that fails to deliver on all platforms suggests a lack of attention. The virtual experience of a user relates to how they feel about the brand attached. If that experience suggests a lack of competency then this is the impression left with users.

A recruiting industry website that expresses fluidity and fluency between devices dictates to users a sense of professionalism that is especially important for top-tier recruiters. Clients and candidates expect consistency and expertise. For most recruiters, their digital presence is the only visual tool at their disposal, thus it is paramount that they deliver a strong message of competency and focus. If you are not delivering a quality, professional website, then it stands to reason you do not have a high-functioning mobile version of your recruitment website. This puts you two steps behind clients, candidates and competitors.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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