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Evolved Messaging? Principles of marketing that will never change

Evolved Messaging? Principles of marketing that will never change

Principles of marketing run parallel to every other advancement that has come from the hearts and minds of humanity. Think about it. What does each and every progression do for us? Let’s take travel, for instance. By land, sea and air—and in that order—we have found a way to get to every corner (if a globe could have corners) of this world. We began by walking, discovered animal husbandry and harnessed the power of the wind to carry us across the vast oceans. And then, in Kitty-Hawk, North Carolina, albeit briefly, we took to the skies. Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to go fast and to go farther and to do it with greater ease. The technology we use might change, but the driving forces are always the same.

While the classic principles marketing are seldom some physical manifestation of power and precision that the jet engine is, it too has existed since civilization began. Since surplus and trade, people have been trying to sell. It began with a story, which was later written down, printed and published. Pictures were added and then began to move; from television,  the creation of visible and discriminate content has grown so exponentially that the whole human race could not possibly consume it all. Technology such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and whatever other platforms Mark Zuckerburg or Google don’t own, have made accessing the public the equivalent of shooting an AI-assisted bullet through the center of a dime with near-perfect accuracy, one hundred percent of the time. 

Accessing your audience has never been easier, but really connecting with users, that still requires a way of seeing used by the first person who sold well.

What is it that you want? What is it that you need?

Whatever we buy, it is because we want it, we need it or both. However you want to rationalize a purchase, it happens because we desire it. Abraham Maslow identified the hierarchy by which the four categories of our needs and wants must be met. They include safety, a sense of belonging, social status and self-actualization and, while products may have changed from the latest fashion from Paris (he said in a sophisticated accent) to the latest Apple smartwatch, the why is the same. No matter the technology, we want the pragmatic safety and the emotional sense of belonging that comes with participating. We want to be seen and to be seen as who we chose to be. Good marketing connects with the most basic of these needs and not only promotes a product but makes you feel like you are a part of it like you are the one specifically being spoken to.

New channels. Same programming.

We can all agree that the roads to consumers have increased exponentially. Where we blazed trails, railroads, highways, interstates and airports were built to supplant each other, each getting more efficient and more specialized at what they did. Modes of communication and media, again, parallel this development and advancement, increasing speed, frequency and reach. However, it doesn’t matter much how fast you can go if you don’t have the direction offered by guiding principles of marketing. From the simple phone call, to which so many seem to have an aversion these days, to the real-time video conference or social media live-feed, unless we can access the proven methodology of those that came before…in short, we’re just blowing hot air that is never going to land.

What works and continues to work?

Audience Awareness

Like we said before, you can’t ever get anywhere until you know where you're going. Knowing the needs and wants of your audience is an essential principle of marketing to begin any attempt at productive communication.

Laser Focus

Comparing apples to oranges is easy. Comparing apples to apples, clearly and concisely providing accurate claims to why your apple is a better apple than all other apples, that is where making non-generalized claims is paramount. If you are going to be the best, prepare a list.

Be Compelling from the Start

Headlines and titles are difficult because they are so important. Your headline is the equivalent of the elevator pitch but on performance-enhancing substances. As a marketing professional, you have maybe a second, most likely milliseconds, to grab the attention of a potential consumer and, it gets worse, you have to hold it. 

This is Personal

Good copy and, in turn, good marketing, requires you to be genuine, to talk to the user or consumer in a way that is real. They need to know that this piece of media is part of a conversation directed at them and their needs, and will be part of an ongoing relationship. Every potential engagement is an opportunity to make someone feel like they belong. 

Performance Awareness

The ability to observe and record who you are reaching and who is buying what you're selling has never been more prevalent. Track your metrics. Adjust your approach. Repeat.

Finish Him, Her, Them, Whatever…

Finishing moves aren’t just part of the video games millions of people around the world play or part of the old ‘80s action movies I enjoyed as a kid. Finding a way to get a user to become a consumer is a universal principle of marketing. It connects to and requires every other fundamental principle we’ve covered to work, and then work again.

At Recruiter’s Websites, we know that innovative messaging can only happen when you have a great grasp of the fundamental principles of marketing that make any campaign successful.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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