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Ghosting Problems: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghosting has become commonplace in the hiring process, to the benefit of no one. So, who you gonna call when this happens to you?

So, how does ghosting and recruiting relate to … well we can’t really say the name of the movie or we’ll get a copyright strike, so let's just say they are the busters of ghosts and other ectoplasmic entities. 

“Are you the Keymaster?” 

I have no idea what you are talking about, lady. 

Ghosting problems have become commonplace in the hiring process, to the benefit of no one. Between candidates, employers and recruiters, ghosting ruins careers, employer brands and your reputation in the hiring markets you rely on—but why? What has led this to be the state of things and how do we cleanse this house? 

Well, let’s take a page from the team that influences at least a small percentage of the movie quotes I use daily. These four guys had distinctly different personalities and approaches, but together they got the job done and protected a fictional New York City from ghosts, demons, gods and skyscraper-sized marshmallow monsters. 

“I’m always serious.” — Egon Spengler

Egon was the consummate scientist of the group. He did the research. He learned as much as he possibly could so the other members of his team could use him as a resource. 

As a recruiter, ghosting problems can be avoided by keeping your candidate and your client informed so everyone involved knows exactly what’s going on and where they are in the process. Setting realistic expectations is vital to continued participation. 

“That's a big Twinkie.” — Winston Zeddmore

Winston was the least traditional member of the team. He didn’t have a background in … whatever it was they studied. He came in off the street, needed the job and was ready to work.

He stared down a giant, horrific monster made out of sugar and nightmares and decided it was time to go to work. It wasn’t about the size of the job or how long it took. He persevered, stayed at it and helped his team by being a consistent part of the process. Some searches can become frustrating, but ghosting can be busted by making the calls you don’t want to make, to ensure the chain of communication is reliable and continuous. 

“Spengler! I’m with Venkman! He got slimed!” — Ray Stantz

Ray cares. Ray is passionate about his job and his role and excited about the process as a whole. He sees opportunity where others see insurmountable challenges.

As a recruiter, ensuring everything can be spun or seen as a moment for growth is essential to every member having confidence in the process. Ghosting can be the result of disinterest or maybe hopelessness, but remaining curious and asking, “What have we learned or what can we do differently or how did we succeed?” will show all those involved the opportunities for growth you see. 

“Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.” — Dr. Peter Venkman

Peter didn’t believe in no. He believed if you sell someone something long enough they will begin to see things the way you do—even when things seem to have totally gone off the rails. 

Communication is tricky and understanding is even more difficult, if it's even possible at all. As a recruiter, you set the narrative this whole hiring process goes down in. You set the tone. You curate the conversation. You establish the common ground and language so cooperative and collaborative work can get done. 

Ghosting problems are going to continue, but we can all do our part to keep the process transparent, to keep candidates, clients and ourselves present, involved and moving forward. So, just try, do your research, do the work and keep an open mind … and maybe you can avoid a few hauntings of your own.

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Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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