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Hitting 3 Birds with One Stone: Effective Marketing through Blogs

Hitting 3 Birds with One Stone: Effective Marketing through Blogs

Hi. I’m Cole and this is a blog about blogs.

I work for Recruiter’s Websites. I’m a copywriter. I write about recruiting, marketing, the state of the world today. I talk to you directly through this blog. A recent Hubspot Marketing Report found that 60 percent of those surveyed read blogs. That is a lot of people. For this reason alone the blog should be seen as a useful marketing tool with a great potential reach. 

Now, if you’re on our site, accessing this information, chances are you are reading this for one (or more) of three reasons.

One, you want to be entertained (20 percent of those surveyed in the Hubspot Market Report). I will do my best to keep you engaged.  

Two, you want to learn something, to educate yourself or just discover a new perspective (34 percent). I will try to be informative.

Three, you are interested in trends that surround your industry (12 percent). I will be as relevant as possible.

And maybe you’re just overachieving and getting the most out of “All the Above” (the final 9 percent).

A Song and Dance

Truth be told, writing blogs that are meant to be entertaining is probably my favorite type to write. I get to use more of my voice, express opinions informed by research and it really is the mode of writing that is most conducive to starting a real conversation—one with substance—one where you and I are both primed and ready to entertain a relevant idea, strategy or some fresh concept. In short, we are ready to learn. 

Crack a Book

… Or click a webpage, scroll through an online article—you get the idea. Everyone wants to learn, to know or to be in the know. However, one thing we don’t want, not a single one of us, is to be told. Expertise is one thing, information and lessons learned and earned by experience, but to claim absolute authority—it’s off-putting. The best way to learn is to first be engaged by a voice that claims legitimate and genuine comradery. Community building, whether it be domestic or business-related is transactional. What value do you offer after the punchline of the humorous story you told to gain my attention? As far as our blog goes, I offer you information, perspectives and our company’s take on current trends. And more importantly, I offer you the opportunity to agree, disagree and discuss.

That is so last season

Trends come and go. We see our colleagues and neighbors trying something new or new to us and we want to try it on for ourselves. We implement it, add it to marketing plans and blogs and we talk about it in meetings to see if it is something that will benefit our organizations and teams. This blog is a blog about blogs. It’s not a written version of the motion picture “Inception.” It is an example of how a blog can be truly utilitarian, even when all we are talking about is the blog itself. A blog is the beginning of a discussion, not the end.

I go out to lunch almost every Friday. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting appropriately socially distanced from an elderly gentleman who was a retired Louisiana State Patrolman and college professor. We got on the subject of teaching and education, an occupation I had for several years. He told me that once he had an assessment while teaching in graduate school and after the class was almost finished, his instructors asked his class what they had learned. One boy raised his hand and said, “Not a dang thing … but he taught me how to think.” The elderly gentleman told me that, in his eyes, that was a win. 

When I write blogs I want you to be entertained, to learn something and to discuss trends that affect all of us in this recruiting and staffing community, but mostly I want all of us to think about the services we provide and how they touch the lives of people we may never know. The more we think, the more we discuss what we do and how we do it, the more refined we will become. 

We can always be better, do more and challenge ourselves and each other to find creative ways to talk to each other. Today I am using a blog. Tomorrow, it might be an email or a phone call. Recruiters Websites can help you do more, so let’s talk about how.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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