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How to use Clubhouse: Recruiters edition

Clubhouse for Recruiters

The new, invite-only audio social media app Clubhouse has been making waves across many industries and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, don’t feel bad; invites are at a premium and the app is still only available for iOS devices. But one thing is certain, Clubhouse is for recruiters! 

Need a quick Clubhouse recap? We’ve got you covered. 

Clubhouse can be an incredible resource for recruiters; after all, networking is key for the industry. The app offers a different way to connect to potential clients, get to know or even train candidates. 

But how can recruiters use Clubhouse? 

We are so glad you asked. 

1. Get and accept an invite

Currently, Clubhouse is still invite-only and only available for iPhone users, but because of its growing audience base, you might have a friend or colleague who's already in and willing to give you one of their coveted and limited invitations.

If you aren't sure if you know anyone on Clubhouse, you can still register for an account on the app and save your user handle. There, you can set up a basic profile, including your contact information, and select a few topics you're interested in. After that, you'll see a screen that says you've joined the waitlist.

From that point, any of your contacts who are on Clubhouse will be notified that you've joined the waitlist and they can offer you an invite to join. 

2. Set up your profile

Once you have achieved full user status, you can set up your profile; don’t forget to add a photo and write a description that notes your hobbies, interests, companies you work for, or industry.

We don’t fully know if the description inside the profile will be optimized in the app’s search feature, but it is still helpful for prospective followers to see more of who you are and as they make the choice to follow you or not. 

You can also link your profile to Twitter and Instagram. When linked, an icon will appear on your profile under your description. 

3. Scroll through the homepage

Once your profile is set, it’s time to start exploring. The first place to check out is the main feed. Scroll through to see rooms related to your chosen interests or from the people you follow. 

4. Explore around 

If you aren’t into this main feed, don’t worry—there are a whole lot of topics to find if you just know where to look. Tap the magnifying glass icon to see the Explore page. Here, you can search for users, clubs and rooms that align with your interests, see ongoing rooms and also receive suggestions for people to follow. 

5. Join a room

When you see a room or audio chatroom, you want to join (or “drop-in” on), all you have to do is tap to start listening. Upon entering a room, you'll be automatically muted as a listener. You'll also see the room speakers and any moderators at the top of the screen.

The unlabeled area of the room screen that highlights the speakers is referred to as “the stage” by moderators.

Below the stage, you can see attendees the speakers follow under the “Followed by speakers” heading, and a list of general attendees under “Others in the room.” All attendees who are not on the stage are muted and cannot speak unless they're brought to the stage.

If you see a party popper emoji (or ?) on someone's image, it means they're new to Clubhouse.

6. Request to speak

Want to speak? Press the hand icon in the lower right to be added to a speaker request list.

When you raise your hand, the moderator will be notified of your request to speak and can either unmute or ignore you.

If a moderator unmutes you, your name and icon will move up to the speaker stage. At this point, you should ask your question or stay on topic with any points you add. You should also avoid hogging the mic, let others have time to speak and follow any room rules that have been given by the moderator(s). This will help you stay marked as a speaker as long as possible.

As you enter rooms and raise your hand, keep in mind that hundreds of other users might also be requesting to speak. If you’re ignored, don't be offended as a moderator can only allow so many people to the stage before losing control of the conversation.

With some of the basics under your belts, here are some key ways for recruiters to use Clubhouse: 

Learn from other recruitment & HR experts

With so many human resource experts, hiring managers and talent specialists talking on Clubhouse daily, you are sure to find a room to help you network and bridge the gap to get to your key stakeholders. They are sharing their knowledge and tips for free and being mentors to others in the industry. 

Collaborate with other recruiters

Clubhouse is a great way to connect with a large number of members. You can reach out through your other avenues like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and join your worlds into one platform. You can create a public or private room for a real conversation. This could replace the use of webinars or Zoom. Bonus, you can host the chats for free with unlimited members on Clubhouse. Rooms usually last approximately 60-90 minutes but the value you gain in that timeframe could be invaluable. 

Training Candidates

Recruiters can also use Clubhouse to train candidates before their job interview. Engage in a private, interactive and open discussion about their requirements, expectations, follow-up questions and their body language. This training can build a strong candidate pipeline and affect an agency's candidate experience. 

Staying current on the latest trends is important for promoting your business. At Recruiters Websites, we understand this value and are looking forward to helping our clients gain the edge. our team understands your need for quick and effective solutions. If you are prepared to kick up your digital efforts and grow your business, reach out today.

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