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LinkedIn Ad Updates: What You Need To Know

LinkedIn Ad Updates | What You Need To Know | Recruiters Websites

Is it just me or does it seem like everything is changing? Maybe it’s just that 2020 has been a rough year, I don’t know, but there are some LinkedIn Ad updates that can help you, as a recruiter, cut through the red tape. 

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses and professionals and even more so for recruiters—your target audience is only a click away. However, sometimes it can be hard to get your content in front of the right eyes without them scrolling on by. That is where ads come in to really help you reach the right people—the hiring decision-makers. 

Here are a few of the changes that will increase your reach and overall digital marketing strategy. 

LinkedIn Audience Network 

As a business advertising, it is important to know that not everyone stays on LinkedIn 24/7. 

Crazy, I know, but it’s the truth. 

That is why the LinkedIn Audience Network allows advertisers to serve ads on third-party apps and sites outside of LinkedIn. This can be a great option for targeting a specific LinkedIn audience beyond the LinkedIn website and apps.

Here’s the update straight from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:

“With our select trusted apps and publishers, including Flipboard, Microsoft News and, you can deliver Sponsored Content campaigns that achieve up to 25% more reach and up to 9x more monthly touchpoints to LinkedIn members who are more active on our Audience Network.”

Please note, when using this category on LinkedIn, it is important to use the exclusion and blocklist functions now available for the network to keep your ads in front of the right audience. 

More in-depth demographic reporting 

If you have been wishing you could find more details about your audience through a more thorough demographic reporting, I have great news … now you can!

LinkedIn has always done a great job of letting advertisers build target audiences by company, job title, seniority, location and the like, but now you can segment the categories, even more, to see which people are interacting with your post and which groups are making the most conversions.

With that knowledge, it will help you craft your content to get those leads.  

Improved remarketing visibility and targeting

Changes have been made to how you are able to remarket to LinkedIn users. You are now able to remarket to individuals who viewed your video in their timeline feed and not just visitors to your company page or website. 

Frequency data

LinkedIn has added the “Average Frequency” data column to help users assess if their ads are over-saturated with their audience and help know when to update creative messages or perhaps expand the audience. Paying attention to the frequency range will help you know when it’s time to reevaluate your current LinkedIn ads. 

These changes can help recruiters narrow in on key client or candidate’ audiences but may still be overwhelming. If you are ready to up your LinkedIn Ad strategy but not sure where to start, our marketing team can evaluate your current plan or even help you create one.

Contact us to see how this marketing tactic can help you gain more client leads.

Sarah Shanahan

More than five years of professional experience in public relations, advertising, and marketing, with particular emphasis on account management, content creations, media relations, internal communications, strategic communications, digital and social media strategy.

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