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Are you measuring whether you have a successful recruitment website?


How do you know if your organization is successful? Do you go with a gut feeling? Do you ask your friends? Or do you just not even worry about it? If you answered yes to any of the last three questions, thank you for reading. You may go now. If you’re still with me, I’d venture to say you focus on the nuts and bolts of it all. Big or small, high rise or small shop, business comes down to metrics. Revenues, expenditures and returns on investments are factors you would never dream of ignoring when it comes to your business; so why are you ignoring the profitability (or lack thereof) of your organization’s website?

You have probably stopped more than once to determine if your business is successful. Now let’s stop to consider whether you have a successful recruitment website.

How do you measure success? 

We often find that our clients are either too busy to do the work it takes to effectively measure their website traffic, or they are simply unaware as how to do it. Measuring traffic goes beyond simply how many people visit your site (and if you have one of those site-visitor counters at the bottom of your website, please call us now, we can help). There are other things to consider as well such as bounce rate and other analytics. This type of measurement can seem convoluted, but it is integral to having a successful recruitment website.

Your website is your business 

Get past the jargon and view your website like you would any other facet of your business. First understand that a website is integral to your success. Having no website can be devastating to your productivity, and having a poor website can be even worse. So if having a good website is vital, how do you maximize that investment? Every element must work to complement one another. Picture selection, color scheme, layout and content are the pillars your website’s aesthetic appeal at first glance, but behind all that is responsiveness and functionality. A successful recruitment website not only looks great but it operates at a higher level, adjusting seamlessly to a variety of screen sizes and devices and offering quick load times. Just as you work to ensure that every segment of your business operates at its optimal level, ensure you have a successful recruitment website by considering all aspects.

Difference makers for recruiters

There are many similarities between successful websites and successful recruitment websites, but there are a few considerations unique to recruiters that a website design firm unfamiliar with the recruiting and staffing industry may not be able provide. At Recruiters Websites, a key focus is seamless integration with applicant tracking systems. With experience working desks ourselves and solely focusing on the recruitment industry, we understand the needs of recruitment websites more than most. In addition to a well-integrated ATS, forms specific to candidates and clients embedded throughout the site with respect to both function and design can have a great impact on the user experience of your visitors. A successful recruitment website should serve as the digital hub for your business and, if properly designed and optimized, should become the primary location your clients and candidates go to meet their needs.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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