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We were recently on the phone with a client who noted that things sounded a bit rambunctious here at Recruiters Websites. “Yeah, it gets a little loud sometimes. We used to be recruiters, you know” we joked. Then the client reminded us of something we hadn’t considered in a long time:  “A loud recruiter is a good recruiter.” We understood what he meant. Being loud means more than just raising the decibel level. A loud recruiter is energetic and enthused. A loud recruiter is engaged and eager. As we always do, we thought about what this means for our clients and the digital ecosystems we help them create. A successful modern recruiting website needs to be a lot of things. It needs to be functional and user friendly. But something you may not have considered is that it also needs to be loud.


Grab Their Attention

Any cookie cutter, template-driven, color-by-numbers website mill can turn out uninspired designs. They’re actually quite good at it. That's why they mass produce thousands of websites that look and act the same as the next. The problem with this is pretty apparent—by the time a user makes it to your site, they’ve probably seen the same stale design so much that won’t remember who you are and what you do, because your site will just blend in with nearly every other website they’ve visited. Essentially what you thought was a modern recruiting website becomes just another face in the crowd. It speaks at the same volume as every other web presence that was built from the same, stale template.

If you want your audience to stay on your landing page for more than the average 3 seconds, you have to offer them something their eyes haven’t already seen a dozen times in the last 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be fireworks and flashing lights. Some of the most effective websites are engaging because of their simplicity. It’s relevancy and originality that keep them interested in a modern recruiting website.


Captivate Them

A stark and unique first impression may be enough to pique their curiosity. But one dramatic image or bold statement may not be enough to keep their attention. This is where the advice and experience of digital media experts with intimate knowledge of the recruiting industry provide an enormous advantage over the typical web design firms that care little about you and less about recruiting. Being able to truly understand your business allows us to create a dynamic homepage that accentuates your strengths and speaks to your audience. With a refreshing first impression that wakes them up and the right mixture of homepage copy and design, your modern recruiting website will capture the ear of your audience.


Make the Connection

Being loud is meaningless if you have nothing of value to say. A homepage that speaks the language of your audience goes a long way to earn their trust and business. But that message has to resonate throughout the entire site. You know your business and the business of your clients, but you need a partner that can translate that knowledge into a digital presence that maximizes the best practices of modern recruiting website design and digital marketing while also maintaining a tone that is as authentic as you are. This is how you solidify your dominance with your audience. By presenting a bold and modern web presence that speaks directly to who they are and what they need, you create a sense of urgency that they aren’t finding with other recruiters who have opted to phone in their web presence.


At Recruiters Websites, we make building a modern recruiting website easy for recruiters. And we make it fun. And occasionally we get a little loud, but that’s just because we love what we do. We have the experience in both the recruiting and web design worlds needed to help our clients build a web presence that offers the perfect collaboration of aesthetics and accessibility. We also build partnerships that enhance and influence that collaboration. And we know that a better website starts with a better process, so if you’re interested in building more relationships, creating more connections and making more placements, give us a call. But fair warning—this might get loud.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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