MRINetwork Vendor of the Year

Recruiters Websites, a Cape Girardeau company, walked away with the top honor, Vendor of the Year, at the October 2018 MRINetwork Global Conference in St. Louis.

A survey of nearly 400 MRINetwork member businesses selected Recruiters Websites as the top vendor with the highest scores in all categories, beating out such established companies as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, ZoomInfo and other recruiting-specific vendor companies.

Recruiters Websites was also named Best in Category for Website Design.

“We are excited and thrilled to be part of such a great network and look forward to helping member businesses grow,” says Jeff Gipson, Recruiters Websites founder and team leader. “It’s an honor to compete with these global tech companies and even more so for a company of our size.”

Recruiters Websites was founded in 2012 by Gipson, a St. Louis native with nine years of experience as a recruiter. The company is a Codefi member located in the Marquette Building.

Recruiters Websites received the top honor, Vendor of the Year, at the October 2018 MRINetwork Global Conference in St. Louis, as well as Best in Category for Website Design. Back row, from left: Steve Gipson, sales manager; Jeff Gipson, founder/team leader; Vladmir Georgiev, programmer; and Emily Blattel, marketing manager. Front row, from left: Matt McKenzie, senior graphic designer/front-end programmer; Adam Appleton, copywriting and SEO specialist; and Hannah Heuring, graphic designer/front-end developer.

About MRINetwork:

Management Recruiters International, Inc., branded as MRINetwork, is one of the largest executive search and recruitment organizations in the world. A subsidiary of CDI Corporation, a leading provider of engineering and information technology outsourcing solutions and professional staffing, MRINetwork has approximately 400 offices spanning four continents.

About Recruiters Websites:

Recruiters Websites is a full-service digital agency dedicated solely to the staffing and recruitment industry. Since 2012, we have been helping our customers reach prospective clients and candidates by providing website design and development; marketing strategy, automations, advertising and measurement; copywriting and editorial content; SEO optimization and management services; and 400+ custom API and application integrations.

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Emily Blattel

Emily brings more than 15 years of professional experience in public relations, advertising and marketing to Recruiters Websites, with a special emphasis on media relations, digital and social media strategy and implementation, content creation, internal communication, creative strategy and event planning.

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