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New book from Steve Finkel: The ability to find clients—In this market

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At Recruiter’s Websites, we come from the recruiting industry. We’ve put in the desk time, made countless phone calls, sent the emails and met with clients and candidates alike. Through it all, we learned which voices to listen to for advice that can actualize into real, profitable success. 

Steve Finkel is one of those voices. We are always looking for educational material to pass along to our industry partners, to give you the gifts of information and guidance Mr. Finkel gave us. Take the time this current market is offering to learn new methods and practices that will benefit you now—and in the future. 

The “talent-short” market has made obtaining qualified candidates a priority. In a strong market, even experienced professional recruitment consultants have allowed their skills and the focus required to obtain new clients to diminish, and those new to the recruiting world might not have ever really been tested due to such favorable conditions. 

A new book by Steve Finkel entitled Unlimited Clients! Perfect Prospecting for Today's Recruiter is a powerful educational resource in our current market. 

Unlimited Clients! is written from a “desk” perspective; it is not a manager’s product, but rather for any individual who must obtain additional clients in today's market. Its focus is not on gradual adjustment or development. This book is for those recruiters who want to take a direct approach to client acquisition, who want to expedite the process and see substantial results right away.

With 24 “how-to” chapters on the unique skills and specific techniques needed to rapidly obtain clients and fees, Unlimited Clients! introduces original productive ideas, addressing specifics not widely known in the recruiting industry, but proven effective through Mr. Finkel's in-house programs.

In the current market, recruiting industry leaders must pivot from seeking highly qualified candidates to seeking highly qualified prospects. Finkel provides detailed information to enable you to do so. It is not just a rehash of material with which we may be familiar. Instead, it will open your eyes to genuinely creative ways of obtaining additional clients whenever and wherever you need them.

For more information or to order, visit Unlimited Clients! is available in a beautifully bound hard copy or as a digital download.

Steve Gipson

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