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New LinkedIn Features Recruiters Should Definitely Know

new linkedin features

New LinkedIn features have officially rolled out! With its range of advanced tools for publishing and building community, LinkedIn Pages give recruiters and staffing firms the chance to communicate their purpose, values and offerings. 

New LinkedIn Page features are always available to help organizations maximize their online presence. Learn how you can make the most of them to upgrade your firm's Page on LinkedIn. 

You can now schedule your posts on LinkedIn 

Scheduled posts are finally here on LinkedIn. As marketers, we know the strain of time and resources it takes to strategize, create and publish content in order to reach your audience effectively. Now, you can select a date and time for your Page posts to go live from within the platform instead of having to depend on a third-party scheduling platform. As a much-requested feature, the internal scheduler can help recruiters build all sorts of efficiencies while supporting consistent content that keeps your followers engaged.  

With this feature, you can schedule as many posts as your heart desires—up to three months in advance. This feature promises to help save time and ensures that your Page stays visible and active.  

Introducing live, audio-only conversations 

It takes a lot to build a strong network and a stronger community. And now, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to and hear from your audience. With LinkedIn Audio events, say hello to live, audio-only conversations with your professional community.  

Hosting an Audio Event on LinkedIn provides you with a simple yet impactful opportunity to communicate and interact with your audience directly. No external broadcasting tools are necessary as the platform allows for conversations to take place directly from within the interface. This relaxed setting gives members the chance to get to know one another in a more intimate manner, without feeling intimidated by a camera or obligated to dress up. Plus, those who wish to join can RSVP in advance and can tune in to the event from anywhere. 

Attendees who wish to take part in the event may “raise their hand” and you can welcome them to the stage, giving you control over who speaks and when. Alternatively, for those who are not interested in joining the conversation live, you can encourage them to express themselves through emojis—a great way to gauge the reaction of the audience. 

No matter what their choice, participants will still have the opportunity to navigate throughout the LinkedIn platform during the event without leaving, enabling them to interact with one another and to follow anyone who has caught their attention, including speakers, other attendees or your Page. 

Reach more candidates through an automatic post 

Recruiting for a position requires you to cast a wide net for suitable candidates. To assist with this, LinkedIn now offers the option to post your latest job openings directly to your company's Page. This is an efficient way to put new opportunities in front of qualified job seekers quickly, providing your organization with a competitive advantage when sourcing for potential hires. 

Once activated, LinkedIn will automatically post one of your Page's open roles each day as a pre-scheduled post but you can still edit the description of the post after it's shared. Any job listings connected with your Page are able to be included in this automatic posting, with the exception of Basic Jobs. This will carry on until all new roles are shared.  

Join more conversations by following Pages as your organization  

With the immense number of conversations occurring on LinkedIn, it can be daunting to determine what material is pertinent to your organization. Fortunately, you can now follow Pages as your LinkedIn Page, in the same manner as individual members. This allows you to easily track the conversations that are trending, take part in industry discussions, and develop a distinct brand identity by customizing your feed with the Pages that you follow. 

Are you ready to level up your LinkedIn profile? At Recruiters Websites, our marketing team is ready to work with you to make sure your profile shines and represents your brand. If you’re interested in growing your online presence, now is the time to reach out. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your message across to your potential employers, customers and partners. Contact us today and start a conversation to discuss how we can help you make the most out of your profile. 


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