The Power of Executive Search

Executive search is often a misunderstood term,  leading to a vague understanding of what it is that recruiters do. These misconceptions surrounding recruiters can affect how employers and hiring managers view recruiters and their work.

At times, this lack of understanding may cause companies to go with internal recruiters over an external firm. This strategy can work, especially for less critical and/or timely openings, but professional recruiters are a better way to fill positions and find highly qualified candidates.

Additionally, employers do not simply hold superficial misconceptions. Often, they have well-intentioned but misguided ideas about the cost of bringing in a recruiter, the benefits that recruiters provide, and a general misunderstanding of how recruiters work with and help your clients or prospective companies (spoiler alert: they do a lot!).

Steve Finkel’s direct and insightful publication, Better Hiring Decisions! The Power of Executive Search is best used as a resource for recruiters to help dispel these misconceptions, leading to a better relationship with current and prospective clients and candidates.

His instructions are simple: Print this article on good quality paper and mail it to your clients. Ninety days later, do it again. It may sound old-fashioned, but sometimes old-fashioned works best. Getting this article in front of your clients or prospects and into their hands is an excellent way to combat misinformation about recruiters and the executive search process.

Repeat this process every six months if you can or whenever the topic of internal recruiters or online job boards comes up. Don’t stop there either. Post this article on your own website, and be sure to share it on your social media channels. This will get you additional business.

Steve Finkel is a leader in the recruiting industry. His knowledge and work have made him a highly sought-after expert and speaker on the topic of executive search and the recruiting industry.

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