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About Bayside Search Group

Bayside Search Group is one of the country's leading retail recruiting firms. They are an organization dedicated to effectively responding to their clients' strategic plans for growth through finding outstanding, impactful talent in today’s evolving retail industry. This overriding principle has helped Bayside Search Group emerge as one of the country’s top search firms specializing in all areas of the retail, ecommerce and consumer products industries.

Form and Function

Competing within a specialization that places a premium on image, Bayside Search Group needed a forward-thinking web presence that was capable of packaging their extensive site map into a product that was as functional as it was fashionable. With the right balance of relevant video, dynamic pictures and clear content, Bayside now boasts a site that is reflective of their success and dominance within their niche.

Feature 1

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Team Members

Adam Appleton
Hannah Heuring
Jeff Gipson
Matt McKenzie
Steve Gipson
Vladimir Georgiev
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