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A dynamic, energetic company offering the best opportunities in the locum tenens space, Locum Connections (formerly Hospitalist Connections) is a temporary physician placement company connecting physicians and hospitals quickly, expertly and efficiently. Because Locum Connections is built and led by physicians, it understands what it takes for the placement to be successful on both sides of the equation. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company’s roots developed from actual case studies of clinical recruitment and staffing success in mitigating challenges with hospital partners in the temporary contract hospitalist sector. That direct and personal experience facing modern-day healthcare issues, combined with veteran leadership, client development, and recruitment teams, make Locum Connections unique in understanding what it takes to solve physician staff deficiencies, as well as the impact on clinical practice models. As a result, Locum Connections became its own entity to leverage dynamic success in an ever-expansive marketplace to ensure healthcare’s future continuity. With a solid industry reputation and credibility, a growing network of top-quality doctors and hospitals, and an intense focus on customer service, Locum Connections is known for arranging the very best medical staff coverage for its hospital partners. Physicians appreciate the company’s impeccable credentialing services, fast payroll services, concierge-level travel arrangements and consistent follow-up. Locum Connections treats customer service outcomes like healthcare clients treat patient outcomes─continued review of proper protocols to achieve consistent and efficient results. Even as the locum tenens business evolves, moving with technology, Locum Connections embraces traditional business principles—respect, honesty, follow-through, and careful attention to detail. These principles help strengthen the company’s connection in assuring America’s patients get the best healthcare.

Locum Connections Locum Connections

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