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Prospect Premier Solutions connects talented manufacturing professionals with healthcare firms seeking the very best candidates. When organizations producing pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic products seek to expand or replace manufacturing personnel, they need candidates with a unique combination of attributes. Here are just a few: • Expertise in working in environments with regulatory agency oversight, stipulations and mandates • Ability to break down silos and achieve success across multiple functions • Oriented toward 100% quality assurance • Skilled at finding creative, novel ways of introducing new technologies • Maturity, leadership and executive presence Are experienced manufacturing professionals with all of these attributes plentiful and easy to find? No, not at all! That's why we're here. My firm focuses exclusively on this unique segment of the rapidly expanding life sciences industry and I strive to conduct all searches in a thorough and high quality manner. A sample of the positions and functions we fill: • Process Engineers • Plant Managers • Audit Managers • Facility Engineers • Software Engineers • Packaging Design • Quality Control • Supply Chain Directors I spent twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges as well as the rewards these positions offer. Please contact me so we can discuss how I can find your next great manufacturing team member! www.prospectpremier.com bill.hess@prospectpremier.com

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