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We are a digital marketing and emerging technology recruiting and staffing firm. We provide full-time and contract resources. We are former digital marketing agency owners, strategists, marketers and project managers. Most of all, we are partnership-minded team builders here to help you build your digital and integrated marketing teams. Clients often tell us, prior to working with TeamBuilder Search, they worked with recruiters that did not understand the digital, integrated marketing or emerging technology landscape. Clients also tell us that they were often “sold” candidates and pushed toward a transaction. We often hear from candidates that they were instructed to mislead prospective employers and pushed toward positions that did not seem like a fit. We call this type of thinking a “transactional” mindset. You will never experience a transactional mindset while working with us. TeamBuilder Search was founded because we believe that recruiting should be and could be better. Recruiters should have deep knowledge of the niche they serve and recruiters should have a team building mindset as opposed to a transactional mindset. It is incredibly satisfying to help a client and a candidate both succeed. Our focus is developing healthy, productive relationships while producing great results for clients and candidates.

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