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Recruiters Websites + Haley Marketing: What You Need to Know

Recruiters Websites and Haley Marketing

We have some big news to share.

A few weeks ago, Recruiters Websites merged with Haley Marketing.

If this comes as a surprise, know it has been in progress for some time.

We are excited about what this means for our team and especially our clients … and for what we are going to bring to Haley Marketing and its clients! You will see expanded services and resources, better support (a dedicated team!), and a synchronized effort toward being the best website and marketing company for recruiters in the world.

You may have some questions about why we did this and what it means to you, so let us try to answer them:

Why did we choose Haley Marketing?

When we decided to pursue a merger, our number one priority was to find a partner that would enable Recruiters Websites to keep growing and provide great opportunities for our team members.

We talked to a lot of companies. But there was one company that best matched our vision and values: Haley Marketing.

Both Haley Marketing and Recruiters Websites are committed to serving the staffing and recruiting industries. And both organizations are dedicated to making world-class marketing fast, easy and affordable for small to mid-size staffing and recruiting firms. They share our goal of helping to level the playing field for recruitment firms of all sizes.

As we got to know David Searns and Victoria Kenward, the co-CEOs at Haley Marketing, we learned that they and their company were also a great cultural fit for our team.

What does this mean for Recruiters Websites clients?

Things will stay the same … only better!

Recruiters Websites will remain a separate LLC from Haley Marketing. Together, we are committed to keeping the people and core values that have made Recruiters Websites a trusted partner, an industry leader and a great place to work. Everyone on our team will continue to work with us, so there will be no changes in who you are working with or how we work with you.

You will have access to new products and services from Haley Marketing that we will begin to integrate into what we offer in the coming months. For example, they have strategy consultants (and related products and services) to help recruiting firms build more structured and systematic sales processes. They have an amazing client Success Team and a large DevOps team that has developed a lot of interesting technology including Career Portal software, Talent Showcase software (for skill marketing), NetSocial (social media automation), Chatbot software, and more. We are looking to bring these tools to our clients where they will add the most value.

What does this transition mean for Haley Marketing's clients?

Haley Marketing has served the staffing industry for more than 26 years. They've become the largest marketing company in the world focused on staffing and recruiting. However, most of their business is in temporary and contract staffing.

Recruiters Websites’ expertise lies in creating and amplifying the highly personalized digital presence of executive recruiters. Since 2012, we’ve helped nearly 500 firms define their brands and stand out from the crowd to reach potential clients and candidates online.

By combining our teams, both companies can build upon each other’s strengths to provide even better service and value for all our clients.

Also, we will be looking to grow our Recruiters Logic platform (and combine with Haley Marketing's expertise in technology and marketing automation) to bring new and better ways to integrate data and process automation with our clients' ATS platforms.

So, what's next?

Right now, most of our efforts are focused on integrating our teams and back-office operations, so we can learn from one another and bring the best of each of our skills and experiences to our mutual clients.

In the coming months, we will start to roll out new products and services to Recruiters Websites’ clients based on all the resources Haley Marketing's team can provide.

We are also going to be doing more to market Recruiters Websites, so you'll be seeing new (free!) educational resources coming from us to support your sales and recruitment marketing initiatives.

What if I have more questions?

Reach out to us. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

Emily Blattel

Emily brings more than 15 years of professional experience in public relations, advertising and marketing to Recruiters Websites, with a special emphasis on media relations, digital and social media strategy and implementation, content creation, internal communication, creative strategy and event planning.

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