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Recruiters are busy people. From communicating with clients and tracking talent for any number of positions at any time, to the mundane day-to-day of keeping the books for your business up to date, you have a lot to do. A good recruiter also wants to take the time to learn new skills, embrace new processes and advance their business to the next level, but with little time to simply stop and smell the roses, it can be hard to find the time to continue your education. 

Lucky for you, we live in the time of the podcast. Podcasts, if you don’t know, are radio shows that is topic-specific. There are millions of them out there covering a plethora of topics like health and wellness, history, true crime and even recruiting. The best part: they’re completely portable and on demand—all you need is a smartphone. So, even if you’re commuting to work, working out at the gym or doing chores around the house, you have the ability to listen to recruiting professionals via a podcast. 

To help find one that works for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best recruiting podcasts. These can all be found on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts (which can be found in your phone’s app store), Stitcher or Spotify (for recruiting podcasts without a website, we’ve provided links to their show on Spotify because it is the most navigable platform and can be listened to easily on any device). 

Recruitment on the Go

As the name implies, this podcast is perfect for the recruiter on-the-go. With relatively short episodes (most range from seven to 15 minutes in length) uploaded every day, this podcast specializes in everything related to the recruiting world. This podcast acts as a resource to help you improve your recruitment strategies and offers inspiration to keep pushing our business forward. 

Recruitment Future

This UK-based podcast is dedicated to technology, changes and innovation in the talent acquisition fields while providing insight into the future of recruiting. Every week, host Matt Adler interviews and converses with industry leaders and experts to gain a general sense of where the recruiting industry is headed. If you’re interested in staying ahead of the game, this is the perfect podcast for you. 

Data-Driven Recruiting

This is a newer podcast that discusses strategies and techniques for, you guessed it, data-driven recruiting. They cover a lot of different topics, but the main goal is to help recruiters learn how to leverage data to improve their process. The episodes are relatively short so this perfect to add to your commute or morning routine. 

Hiring on All Cylinders

This podcast is another great option for recruiters who want to hear from industry leaders, but they’re interviewing the real heavy-hitters. Hear directly from professionals who are building and improving businesses by placing top-performing talent. 

I Know Right?!

Hosted by industry expert Danny Cahill, this podcast covers all of the things that you care about from the politics to millennial purchasing habits, and how they affect the recruiting world. By speaking with subject experts and providing a recruiter’s perspective on issues, Cahill keeps his audience well-informed. 

Recruiter Startup

When it comes to running an agency, there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. Your business is building teams and, therefore, companies. Recruiter Startup provides tips and resources for those wanting to build their own recruiting agency. 

To stay at the top of your game, it is important to keep up-to-date on hot industry news, which makes recruiting podcasts a great option. At Recruiters Websites, we value staying updated and that is why our blog serves as another valuable resource to our clients. Every week, we strive to help you stay current on the latest events related to recruiting, marketing and building a digital presence. If you are looking to increase your brand’s digital visibility, contact us today.

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