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Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page

Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page blog

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again: a website is one of your best marketing tools. People may not always consider the about page very important, but it is vital for your recruiting website.

Your whole website is dedicated to you, but your about page serves as a permanent place to tell your story. However, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. Here are the top five elements that make a great recruiting website about page.

Effective Images

Imagery and design are key parts of any website. The images you choose help define your firm, crafting a visual representation of who you are and what you do.

The best way to show people who you are? A picture of you, of course!

I get it if that’s not your style, but people really do like seeing real people when they visit a site. However, if you’re less than comfortable with your picture on the about page, there are other options.

The next best image you can choose is one that represents you and your brand. Although stock images can have their place on a website, it may be best to avoid them on your about page. They can come off as a little impersonal, especially when people search for more details about you. 

Show Your Value

What makes you unique? How are you different from the countless other recruiting firms? Do you have years of experience within your niche? 

The about page is your perfect opportunity to showcase what makes you and your firm stand out from the competition. If your process sets you apart, you may want to touch on that. If you hold values that influence your recruiting, this is a great place to talk about it. 

This page can serve as a part of your story, but it doesn’t represent the whole story. The value portion is meant to showcase value for your audience as well. It’s like when a company makes goods from 100 percent recycled materials. On the about page, the company can explain why they do this, and the customer can feel assured they're supporting a good cause.

Although you’re not making anything from recycled materials, you and your firm still have value to provide, and the about page is the perfect place to showcase this value.

Uniquely You

The about section is all about you—don’t shy away from that! 

Like we mentioned previously, this is more than showcasing your value. While the value portion plays a part in telling your story, this section should focus more on the big picture. It should reveal more of your story, so potential clients or candidates can better understand you and your firm.

Plus, including information that focuses on you can improve your SEO. Your reputation precedes you, so when people search your name, Google can pull data from your about page to help you rank higher.

Strong CTAs

Your about page should feature strong calls to action, encouraging users to continue exploring the site and/or reach out. The about page is a great place to forge a connection with your audience, which you can leverage into desired outcomes. 

If your goal is to have people contact you, your CTAs should encourage that. After discussing your experience, for instance, you could include a CTA that reads, “Ready to put our expertise to work for you? Reach out today.” 

Doing so allows you to funnel users to your end goal, thus making your about page another vital part of that process. 

Keep It Short

Like the last section said, we want you to talk about yourself… just don’t talk too much. Brevity is key—a great recruiting website about page isn’t overly wordy.

Brevity doesn’t mean you should cut out important information. However, you should be selective about what you include and how you say it. Remember, you can always let someone know more about you after they contact you, but if you over inundate them with content, they likely won’t read it and won’t reach out. 

In short, be brief.

Does your about page need a bit of a tune-up? Maybe your site could use a refresh? Recruiters Websites specializes in web design and development (plus marketing!) for the recruiting industry. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Ryan Berger

Ryan Berger is a marketing specialist who uses his fun and creative energy to produce fresh, unique and custom content for our clients.

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