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5 Things Your Recruiting Website Content is Missing


The diversity of a recruitment website is vital to its survival in the digital ecosystem. However, recruiters who are already pressed for time to contact clients and candidates, maintaining that habitat can be more than impractical. It can be impossible. We often have clients whose web presence needs to be revitalized with modern design and more streamlined functions. The visual elements of the site are often obvious in terms of their need. Outdated pictures, amateur graphics and obsolete interfaces are typically apparent in their need for change. But even if your site has been given a facelift, your recruiting website content could still be giving away its age. The pitfalls in content are not always so apparent, but they can be just as dangerous as it pertains to the impression you leave clients. Here are 5 mistakes you might be making with your recruiting website content:

  1. Do you know your audience?

    Your recruitment website undoubtedly reaches out to client companies as well as prospective job seekers, but have you made an honest estimation of who you are truly trying to reach? If your clients make up 70% of your focus but only 50% of your home page content focuses on them, you should reconsider your recruiting website content approach. Make an honest assessment of who your audience is and apply a percentage to them, then see that you reflect that ratio in your website’s content.

  2. Can they hear your calls-to-action?

    Recruitment websites shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt for visitors. Clients and candidates shouldn’t have to follow a trail of bread crumbs to find the content that is most important to them. Making it easy for them to connect with your site’s most valuable information (which is usually jobs and contact information). Your recruiting website content needs to reach out to the visitors so they can more easily reach back.

  3. Fresh recruiting website content

    Not all recruiting website content has the intention of directly connecting with prospective clients and candidates. A well-managed blog with fresh, original content is a great step toward improving your site’s SEO and search engine ranking. Your blog posts may never land in front of your some of your clients and candidates, but the effect they can have on how you show up in Google can make the difference whether those same visitors find you or not.

  4. You’re saying too much

    Have a great mission statement? Awesome! Is it 2,000 words long? Time to revise. Have a 20-point plan for success for your clients? That’s spectacular! It’s on your home page? Perhaps you should reconsider. Sometimes content is too long. Sometimes it’s just on the wrong page. Recruiting website content is important, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily should be novel-length. And lengthy content isn’t always bad. Just be sure it’s in the right place.

  5. You’re not saying enough

    There’s a lot to be said about minimalism (that’s a joke…kind of). But in all seriousness, we in the world of website design have been baptized in the fire that is simple, sleek and modern website construction. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets taken too far and affects recruiting website content in such a way that clients and candidates who visit your site may have no clue who you are or what you offer. Whenever you can say less, you should do so, just be careful that your recruiting website content says something.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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