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Three Wishes for Your Website

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On May 24, Walt Disney Studios released Aladdin, a live-action remake of the 1992 classic. Despite mixed reviews and hesitation from Disney classic fans, it’s performed well at the box office. 

For those who don't know the story: long story short, street urchin Aladdin falls in love with Princess Jasmine, finds a magical lamp, meets a genie and uses his three wishes to make the princess fall in love with him. (You can get a full synopsis of the movie here.)

Even though I wasn't alive when the original movie came out, it was one of my favorites growing up, so I was hesitant about the remake. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very theatrical film with a lot of the original elements but included some different twists that made it a “new” movie. 

While watching it, I thought about what I would do with three wishes. The ability to be able to learn everything I ever wanted, to pay off my student loans, and the ability to save every dog in the world…but then I thought, “What if I could use those wishes for our clients? If I could have three wishes for their website, what would they be?”

While I may not have a magic genie to help my clients, I do have the best team available to make wishes come true. Our developers and designers, copywriters and marketing specialists are the recruiting website experts and are able to make all of these wishes come true.

Wish #1: Tell their story.

Every organization has a story and that story matters. When it comes to branding, every firm should be authentic, convey their mission and appeal to the audience they need to attract. By providing context to potential clients, each company can represent who they are and why they’re passionate about the industry. Our copywriters utilize every tool in their belt to get to know each client, their business and their story and put it on paper (or screen really).

Wish #2: Stand out from the crowd. 

There are a lot of recruiting and staffing firms out there and it’s easy to get lost. The best way to stand out is a web presence that is both professional and beautiful. We want our clients to attract their ideal talent and to do so, we provide websites that are unique, attractive, easy to navigate and representative of the quality of work they offer. We develop each website from scratch so each one is exclusive to that client. By representing an authentic brand online, you build immediate trust with your potential clients—and pique their interest in what you can do for them.

Wish #3: Accomplish their goals.

While the first two wishes will help accomplish our clients’ digital goals, we want to see them succeed on every front. We form relationships with our clients that offer them the support they need. By providing website and marketing tips and tricks, recruiting news and other resources we make sure that our clients are on top of the digital world even after we’ve launched their website.

No matter what wish you have for your website, Recruiters Websites is the team that can make them come true. As the recruiting website experts, we provide the magic touch you need to make your website better than your competitors’. From content that tells your story and represents your business, to a beautifully designed website that helps your brand shine, the Recruiters Websites team is ready to help your recruiting and staffing agency develop strong online brands to attract new clients and candidates. When it comes to your website, you ain't never had a friend like Recruiters Websites.

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Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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