recruiting website mistakes 8 Recruiting Website Mistakes that could cost you BIG website mistakes

According to, 75% of consumers determine an organization’s credibility simply on their website design. Before you have a chance to wow visitors with your accolades and accomplishments, you have likely already lost them if your digital façade is outdated and uninviting. But simply creating an attractive front page doesn’t mask other problems that may be lurking beneath the surface. Check your website to see if you’re guilty of making these recruiting website mistakes.

  1. Contact Information
    One of the most common and most costly recruiting website mistakes is your contact information being either difficult to find or missing altogether. It seems obvious that this is a vital piece of information, but it is not uncommon to find sites that have failed to properly link this page, leaving it lost deep in their already confusing website, which leads us to our next point…
  2. Superfluous Content
    Another of the common recruiting website mistakes is made when recruiters don’t reach out to professional website design companies is the failure to recognize what information is necessary and what is just extra baggage. This leads to sites cluttered with irrelevant artifacts that only discourage visiting clients and candidates who don’t have the time or patience to sift through unneeded content to find out how great you are.
  3. Relevant and Current Content
    If there is an opposite to the recruiting website mistakes of superfluous content, it is the lack of relevant and current content. A failure to keep your site’s content updated gives visitors the impression that you lack a certain commitment to current industry trends. It can be difficult to keep content updated while maintaining your drive to place candidates, which is why a professional marketing presence can help you maintain your content without costing you valuable time.
  4. Testimonials
    Clients and candidates alike want to hear from their colleagues and peers that you are a reliable and efficient firm. These recruiting website mistakes would leave your site empty of the valuable praise from past clients and candidates, which is vital in making personal connections with future business.
  5. Your Team
    People want to know they are working with other people, and they want to know who those people are. One of the costly recruiting website mistakes is diminishing the value of sharing a little about yourself and your team.
  6. Copy Quality
    It’s true that the first thing visitors to your site will notice is the visual elements that make up your pages, but when they have moved beyond looking and want to learn more they will begin to read what you have to say. This is your copy, and if it is written poorly, cluttered with obvious grammatical errors and seemingly unprofessional, it can be a huge turnoff for clients and candidates.
  7. Mobile
    We have said this before and we will continue to enforce the importance of having a high-functioning mobile platform. As a growing majority of internet traffic continues to travel on mobile platforms, the failure to meet consumers on this plane may prove to be the most egregious of recruiting website mistakes. It also may mean you never reach clients and candidates at all, as Google has stated they will give preference to sites with functioning mobile versions.
  8. Call-To-Action
    Missing or confusing call-to-actions may result in site visitors left without direction. There is a reason this is the closer to our recruiting website mistakes. Call-to-actions are what encourages clients and candidates to click that “Contact Us” link and seek out your services. We want to help companies find qualified candidates, and we want to help applicants find great careers, and well-designed and intelligently-situated calls-to-action brings both of them closer.