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Recruiting Website SEO: More Than Just a Number


With any online endeavor, the topic of SEO always arises. In the past we’ve touched on the importance of organic versus manufactured SEO, making the case that trying to shortcut your way to SEO success is ill advised and, most likely, ineffective. Ranking well on search engines, especially Google, is great, but only if you’re ranking for the right search terms and for the right reasons. What should you try and rank for? How should you do it? And why? These are important questions regarding your recruiting website SEO, and we will offer guidance as to how best achieve SEO success that is more than just a ranking.


What (and what not) to do

Proper SEO walks a fine line. It balances terms less competitive terms with realistic phrases. The buzzword is long-tail keywords, which are basically three to four word phrases that are specific to your business. These should be tailored for your unique audience. The problem is sometimes the obsession to rank high for obscure phrases comes at the cost of ranking for something substantial. A staffing agency for IT professionals in the medical industry should therefore use industry-specific keywords.

Think about trying to target specific positions within the field. One final note, it is pointless to waste SEO efforts trying to rank for your name. SEO is about attracting people who need your services but are unaware of your organization. If they’re searching for you, they already know you.


How to do it

The aforementioned long-tail keywords are your first step toward recruiting website SEO success. Let’s stick with the sample niche of IT professionals in the medical industry. If you’re shooting for something broad like “medical recruiting,” not only are you most likely going to lose out due to an oversaturated keyword, but even if you’re successful in ranking high, you are most likely going to attract far too many clients and candidates who have no interest in your IT specialization. “Medical IT recruiting” may be a more beneficial term. Once you have a list of keywords you would like to rank for, test them out in some of the most popular search engines. This will provide a glimpse into your competition.

Also, remember that especially on the candidate side, users may not be looking for a recruiter but rather a job. You’re not only competing with fellow recruiters, but job boards as well as the internal human resources departments of the very clients you may be working for. Again, our post on organic SEO can offer additional guidance as to the best way to enhance your recruiting website SEO.


Why you should do it 

Many years ago I worked in a small town grocery store. The same principles of that small grocer are still relevant in today's SEO. Customers are more likely to buy properly stocked products placed at eye level. Think of the first page of search results as the grocery aisle for your particular service. Maybe your product is a little niche. That’s okay. As long as it's located in a place that makes sense, customers will find it. Think of your ranking as the shelf on which your product is located. Needless to say, customers represents clients and candidates, and you cannot expect your customers to waste their time scouring the store for your product, not matter how good it is. They will purchase an inferior product and move on.

Recruiting website SEO is not a contest for meaningless rankings. It is focused work designed to reach clients and candidates and provide them a higher level of service.


Recruiting website SEO is a vital element to your digital presence, but the work doesn’t end when you get them to your site. If you’ve worked hard to attract these potential clients and candidates to your website, it stands to reason they know little about you. Even stellar services have to be presented in a way that connects with the audience. Professional website design services like those offered by Recruiters Websites are the ideal avenue for staffing agencies. Having worked desk themselves, the professionals at Recruiters Websites have the staff and experience to assist in everything from website design to recruiting website SEO. Are you truly invested in growing your business and expanding your digital presence? Recruiters Websites is your most effective solution.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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