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At Recruiters Websites we’re always giving out free advice, especially when it comes to helping our clients and potential clients gain a better perspective on how their websites should look and operate. However, when we set out to produce a new list of recruiting website tips, we decided to focus on more than improving aesthetics and increasing functionality. We wanted to lend our expertise in a way that touched on the vital aspects of a website that often go overlooked. We often connect with recruiters who were so anxious to launch a website or were so passive about the process that what started off as a functioning product devolved into an unmanageable mess. So, in the spirit of helpfulness, here are a few recruiting website tips that we believe are vital to the long-term success of your company’s digital presence.



Far too often do we find ourselves engaged with clients who are excited to redefine their web presence, only to discover that the domain under which they have built a reputation is not in their possession. The culprit here is almost always a previous web developer who purchased and retained control of the domain name, and, whether by malice or ignorance, they essentially have the power to hold that domain hostage. We are often able to get in touch with the previous developer and transfer control of the domain; however, if the former developer is unresponsive or no longer in business, the process becomes much more difficult. As far as recruiting website tips go, ensuring you truly maintain ownership of your website domain can be one of the most important pieces of advice.



Beyond ownership of the actual domain, another of our valuable recruiting website tips is ensuring you have the ability to access the  back end of your website. Many clients express the sentiment that they have no interest or experience regarding the construction of a website; therefore, they don’t really need access to the nuts and bolts of the property. Even if you knew absolutely nothing about cars, would you still be fine with owning an automobile that offered no access to the engine? Websites designed through obscure or limited platforms deny the owners of that digital property the necessary access to perform critical updates and make corrections or adjustments when needed.



While perhaps not quite on the same level of basic functionality as the last two recruiting website tips, transparency in the process of your website’s construction is exceptionally important, not only in regards to your technical input as it relates to the content and design of the site, but it is also integral in increasing your understanding of how your website operates. In a sense, transparency is closely related to access, but instead of access to the mechanics of your site, it refers to access to the individuals involved in your website’s construction. While you may have a single point of contact at the company in charge of your website’s design, how much of the actual writing, design and development is occurring in-house as opposed to being outsourced? There are a number of pieces to the website puzzle, and being able to connect with the individuals heading those specific areas can greatly improve the overall look, feel and function of your website.


With all this free advice, we would be doing you, as well as ourselves, an injustice by not explaining how Recruiters Websites can deliver on these recruiting website tips. At Recruiters Websites, we always put the keys in the hands of our clients, so to speak. The website is your vehicle, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure you maintain control. We provide every client with complete ownership of their website, from the domain to the content management system. This level of control means that if they choose to make any changes at any time (even if it’s not with us), they have everything they need to move forward. As for transparency, every aspect of website design and development takes place under the same roof. Whether you have questions about verbiage or picture choice or integrations, the individual heading that aspect is in our office and at your disposal. From start to finish (and even beyond that), Recruiters Websites is designed to be able to provide the support and input you need to create a web presence as unique and dynamic as your firm.