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How a Redesigned Recruiting Website Increases Placements


At Recruiters Websites we have tell our clients and prospective clients that a professionally developed recruiting website increases placements. This requires a proper approach and recruiting intuition. We know this is true, but it’s still not enough to know something. It’s when our clients come back to us with success stories like the following that we feel we’ve truly done our job. When we transformed the web presence for Connector Team Recruiting, we knew great things were in store for the CTR team. When Chief Recruiting Officer Bill O’Malley reached out to us to express his excitement with the fiscal results of the new website, we were ecstatic but not at all surprised.

What They Had and What We Did

Before teaming with Recruiters Websites, Connector Team Recruiting had a standard website built within a template. While serviceable, it provided neither the front-end aesthetics nor the back-end systems to allow it to stand above its peers. We provided Connector Team Recruiting with the perspective that a proper recruiting website increases placements. Instead of the website seeming a ubiquitous necessity, we understand that it should have a more evident value. We also provided CTR with foundational SEO designed to increase their ranking and presence on major search engines.

The Feedback

Once the site had gone live, Bill reported that he had noticed an increase in contact from high-profile clients. Three of these clients stated specifically that they found Connector Team Recruiting through Google searches. This is a reflection of the foundational SEO delivering on its focus. The general feedback from clients was that the website engaged them, making them less likely to back out to the results page and search for other recruiters. Candidate activity also increased in the redesigned job posting section.

The Value 

One of the most telling statements from Bill was that the redesigned website was “one of the single best [advertising] investments” CTR had made. It was clear that his recruiting website increases placements as it has connected him with new clients. But even though it had more than paid for itself, he didn’t like to place a number on its value. He saw it as something that, when properly managed, delivers continuous value.

“Recruiters Websites understands our business.”

We are especially proud of that statement. They went on to express that our past experience as recruiters was evident in the way we not only approached the site but also in how we approached logistical conversations. Our understanding of the recruiting industry reduced communication errors, saving valuable time and increasing the quality of service overall. We know a recruiting website increases placements, but we also know that a recruiting website is best designed by professionals that understand the unique needs and demands of the recruiting and staffing industry.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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