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The Importance of a Responsive Website Design


Responsive Website Design

Is your web page responsive? Wait! Don't leave! I'll explain. The technical approach, “Responsive Website Design” means that whether you're sitting at a desktop, working on the go with a tablet, or casually scrolling through your smartphone, the web page adjusts gracefully to fit on any screen for easy reading and navigation. Have you ever searched for a site on your smartphone and when it opens up you find yourself squinting at a miniature, awkward version of what you would normally see on a desktop computer? The only way to read the content was to zoom way in, and then zoom way out to scroll to the other side of the website, and then repeat.

This technological frustration is known as a non-responsive web design. Is this important? Well, according to a survey conducted by, an online job board, 9/10 job seekers report they are going to use a mobile device during their job search, and furthermore, 1 in 4 candidates are going to leave the website without further action if it is not mobile-friendly. Also, as of April 21, 2015, Google changed the way it indexes websites. If the company's web page is non-responsive, their search engine ranking will suffer. Having a hard to use, non-responsive website turns away prospective clients and candidates and makes it harder for them to find your search firm. How many placements has your firm potentially missed by having a non-responsive website?

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