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The Right Way to do Recruiting Website Photos


There isn't necessarily a singular right way to do recruiting website photos. The photography that’s right for your staffing agency may not be what works best for another. With a variety of industries, niches and demographics, the right photos can differ greatly from agency to agency. What we can settle on is that there are definitely some wrong ways to incorporate photos on your website. I’d like to avoid clichés about the worth of a picture. Not taking advantage of a modern website's visual capabilities could do more damage to your firm than you think. Recruiting website photos set the tone for your business, and the wrong pictures can send the wrong message.

Stock Photos or Schlock Photos

If you’ve ever had to pore over pages of stock photos, then you know how mind-numbing the process can be. At a certain point all those cheery business professionals start looking the same. Eventually you’re looking at scenic nature pictures, dreaming of escaping it all. The best way to avoid falling down the rabbit hole is to utilize high-end stock photo providers. Here at Recruiters Websites we are proud to offer our clients access to the full library of images from iStock, a stock photo company belonging to Getty Images, the world’s leader in professional photography. This access to top-tier images and illustrations means less time sifting through a garbage heap of lackluster options for your recruiting website photos.

Don’t Be Your-selfie 

This should really go without saying, but experience has shown us that not only does it need to be said, it needs to be shouted. Repeatedly. A selfie is not a viable option for a professional headshot. You’re fun loving and have a great duckface? That’s awesome, but your recruiting website photos are not the place for a selfie show. This includes using your computer’s webcam to snap a quick picture. Even if you don’t want to spring for a professional photographer, snapping individual pictures of your team against the same neutral background and at the same angle can create a sense of uniformity that suggests a higher level of professionalism.

Keep It Real

If you’re an industry-specific recruiter, then your recruiting website photos should reflect said industry. Maybe you own the world’s cutest border collie, and you are a recruiter for the healthcare industry. Should you put a few pics of Lassie on the website? Unless your border collie moonlights as an anesthesiologist, pics of the pup probably don’t make sense for your website. However, if you have a page that details you personally so clients and candidates can get to know you better, this may be the right place for a quality photo of your pet. In all seriousness, original photography can have a great benefit to your site, helping you stand out from other firms who may be using the same stock photos you’ve chosen, but your recruiting website photos have to be relevant to your business and industry.

The importance of recruiting website photos can’t be overstated. They are an integral part of the website’s overall design, and as such, they should blend seamlessly into the aesthetic focus of the website, while also reflecting the professionalism you wish to communicate with clients and candidates. When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, the visual elements are the ones that will resonate the most. If those elements leave them questioning your quality, then you’ve put yourself at a major disadvantage and possibly cost yourself placements. If you are revisiting the idea of updating your website or building a new one altogether, the best investment you can make is to work with professionals who have access to the highest quality photos on the internet and the knowledge and experience to incorporate them so your recruiting website photos reflect your professionalism and expertise.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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