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Secure Website Hosting Done Well: We Have That

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If you're going to build a website that contains any category of private information, you simply have to have secure website hosting services. But keep in mind, not all website hosting services are created equal.

The Firewall

This term bounces around frequently in popular culture, and is a tech term even the uninitiated have probably heard—but do we know what it is? A firewall is essentially a security system that controls the flow of information coming in and out of a network, establishing which sources are trusted and which networks are not permitted access. A good firewall obviously stops what you don’t want and lets through what you want but, in order to accomplish this, it must possess flexible rule sets that achieve an appropriate level of customization. 

The Antivirus and Malware

Secure website hosting should provide antivirus software that prevents your website from being taken out of service by harmful software. It should have high detection rates by implementing regularly updated algorithms and detection techniques. As far as malware protection goes, a host’s protection software should provide real-time protection, keeping critical files and information isolated and unviolated—and if a piece of does slip through, the scanning capabilities of the host must be agile enough to neutralize the threat quickly and cleanly, quarantining the threat and recovering the files affected. 

What’s the Password?

Providing safe and secure user access is a must-have. If you can’t reliably gain access and use the site, then what’s the point? Part of this security is dividing users into categories, with appropriate and customizable privileges and creating passwords to match. Password managers regularly formulate and change passwords to add an additional layer of protection to your site, and should be standard fare in excellent website hosting offerings. 

Plug it in, Plug it in

Managing a website's hosting includes providing access to up-to-date plugins and applications that are compatible with the site, updated frequently to avoid inactivity and security complications, and work within the parameters of your content management system (CMS).

Back that Thing Up 

An automatic backup and encryption system is insurance against simply forgetting to back the system up yourself, and protects the precious and often private data your business relies on to not only market yourself online, but to stay relevant and be a visible player in your industry. Secure website hosting needs this level of automation to prevent avoidable complications.

An excellent website hosting provider will provide all these in its service plan. At Recruiters Websites, we currently offer one year of free website hosting with the purchase of a new website (a $600 value), or anyone can get a free month when they sign up for 12 months of hosting, including free migration ($350 value). Get in touch with us today to discover the safety, security and peace of mind great website hosting can offer you.

P.S. These offers do expire, so don’t put it off too long!

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