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Optimization and Strategy: Navigating SEO

SEO Optimization and Strategy: Navigating Searchability

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t an option anymore—unless you want your company’s page to get lost in the white noise of the web. The simple fact is, too much information is generated every minute of every day for your site to be competitive, to be organically found, without SEO.

Think about it like this. I am a website. My developer is a plane flying high over the ocean that is the internet. My copy, design and development are complete and I’m pushed out the door into the world and the wild waters of data below. What are the chances someone, some random user much less a user that is actually looking for me, will find me (the website)? To answer your question, as-is with no SEO and strategy? Not very good. But don’t lose hope. We prepared for this.

The Beacon – SEO (The Basics)

SEO is taking keywords relevant to your website and business model and putting them into the meta titles and meta descriptions that are displayed during an online search. Ideally, those keywords are also written into the website copy, further enhancing searchability and search rankings, but we never want to sacrifice well-written content for clunky inclusion regardless of its keyword usage rate. 

The Raft – Website Design

For the sake of the survival metaphor, website design is a raft but, with the right search engine optimization and site design, you can have a yacht—and you probably should. Website UX, or user experience, plays a large part in how search engines rank and display results. Having a website that is modern and protected with a clean, fast and mobile-friendly interface is a big part of enhancing your website’s overall UX. 

High functionality and good design will result in high click through rates, further boosting the numbers the top search engines analyze. In this case, books are very much judged, analyzed and ranked by their covers. 

The Flare – Public Relations

Working to gain access to earned media channels is an often undervalued SEO impactor. We are not saying that branded content is not important—because it is vital to developing the company and characteristics that define you. It builds trust and cements an organizational identity in the mind of the consumer. However, brands mentioned or featured in earned media channels drives organic searches most owned media doesn’t capture. 

SEO helps you reach as many potential clients as possible. Earned media, not owned by the company projecting that messaging, is generally trusted more overall and will grow organic searches and reach those users who traditional, targeted and branded marketing might not. 

The Radio I Just Found – Social Media

A radio has a limited range, but one person might hear you, talk to you and then tell someone else with a radio about you. Eventually, someone a world away could know exactly where you are because those signals chained together. Most companies build and maintain a social media presence to develop, grow and solidify some form of brand awareness. Considering all the potential reach these platforms have, social media presents a unique opportunity of exponential search index growth. 

For example, perhaps I share a link and it ends up in a user's feed. It is visually pleasing, well written and expertly designed. It’s cool. It possesses a call to action and an invitation to visit your site. That user hypothetically shares the link with another user, who shares the site with another user, who … you get the idea. As each network is accessed and more links are shared, SEO optimization is enhanced every time a user visits your site. 

SEO optimization is more complex than it once was, but the solutions to increase your presence within search engine analysis are not that complicated. Taking a varied approach to SEO and marketing is a process Recruiters Websites can help you with. Be smart. Be seen. Be successful.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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