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Q&A with Tim Hogwood from SourceWhale

SourceWhale - Q&A with Time Hogwood - RW blog

At Recruiters Websites, we always strive to remain on the cusp of the industry, understanding and staying ahead of trends, in order to provide our clients and those within the industry with news and insights.

Recently, we sat down with Tim Hogwood, CEO and co-founder of SourceWhale, a recruitment engagement company based in the U.K. and U.S., to talk about his company, what they do and what they bring to the recruiting industry.

So, tell us a bit about SourceWhale. What does it do?

SourceWhale is a recruitment engagement platform designed to help you automate the tasks associated with recruiting. It integrates with your existing CRM, social media and communication platforms in order to help you manage your contacts and communications. This workflow automation can help you keep track of who you’ve reached out to and their responses while handling your replies in a hyper-personalized manner at scale and tracking  analytics to show what's working and what's not. By automating these tasks at scale, you and your team can focus on the meaningful aspects of recruiting—communicating, finding talent and building relationships.

So, no whales are involved?

No whales are involved per se. However, we did choose the oceanic theme as a way to convey that there’s a huge ocean of candidates and prospects out there, and our software helps find the big fish that recruiters seek. Plus, all the domains were available, which was a helpful start as a bootstrapped company.

How did this project get started?

When we first started SourceWhale, we didn’t set out to create a SaaS business. We actually set out to start a recruiting firm. Hari Jackson, SourceWhale’s fellow co-founder and CTO, developed the early stages of SourceWhale to help automate the more manual parts of the firm, and we realized that the problems it was solving for us were universal to the recruiting industry.

In July 2020, we decided to pivot, using our experiences from the first portion of our careers and SourceWhale to guide us as we built out this tool to help recruiters. Now, we’re expanding with employees in Denver, Austin, New York and London.

What are your goals with SourceWhale?

Our goal for SourceWhale is simple: to automate the manual, repetitive tasks that take up so much of recruiters’ time. By doing that, recruiters can focus on the human elements—finding the right candidates and truly personalizing their messaging.

We’re not trying to reinvent anyone’s processes. Instead, we’re trying to build upon and improve them, working within your systems to automate the portions that need it.

What are you most excited about moving forward?

I’m so proud of what we’ve managed to create in the last two years, offering a market-leading engagement platform to the recruitment industry. Looking forward, I’m excited to continue building on the foundation we’ve laid so far by making the product the best it can be and innovating further. Ultimately, we want to transform recruitment in the same way Salesloft and Outreach revolutionized the sales world.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Now is a great time to start adopting SourceWhale into your existing workflow. It’s not built strictly for a candidate market or a client market. Before we were in such a candidate-driven market, we had a number of firms who used SourceWhale for business development. As we’ve shifted into such a candidate market, it's easy to ignore business development. Eventually, and most likely sooner rather than later, the market will shift, and it’s best to have a system in place that you know and can keep track of the background items while you continue to focus on your recruiting.


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