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Summer Reading List: New Books for Recruiters to Read in 2020

Summer Recruiting Homework: New Books for Recruiters to Read in 2020

As we all begin to transition back into professional lives that resemble either a pre-pandemic office model or a new productive remote option, educating one’s self is not dependent upon location. Here are just a few newly-released books for recruiters we recommend to read in 2020 to enhance your working knowledge of the recruiting space. 

The Savage Truth: Lessons in Leadership, Business, and Life from 40 Years in Recruitment by Greg Savage

The first half of this book is autobiographical, detailing the life and career of Greg Savage. The author identifies how much recruiting has changed and evolved over the past 40 years. The second half of the work is more advisory, detailing effective start-up recruitment methods, how to effectively manage a firm through times of recession, branding, marketing your recruitment process and how to hire the best professional assets. 

Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter, Second Edition: A Technical Skills Primer by Obi Ogbanufe 

This book is specifically written for technical recruiters, highlighting programming terms, big data vocabulary and operating system terminology commonly used in the industry. Ogbanufe provides sample questions for candidate interviews, a detailed list of networks and operating systems, software development stats, a close look at Cloud-based operations, data science, information security and database security job roles.

Unlimited Clients! Perfect Prospecting for Today’s Recruiter by Steve Finkel

In this latest in a series of informative recruiting books, Finkle illustrates how new business is the foundation of immediate and long-term recruiting gains. The author lays out specific techniques and hard scripts, revealing precisely how to generate quality leads and successfully initiate conversations with new prospects. These strategies are meant to quickly and permanently obtain a continuing stream of excellent search assignments through tested methods that will catapult your production—–regardless of your experience level.

Evidence-Based Recruiting: How to Build a Company of Star Performers Through Systematic and Repeatable Hiring Practices by Atta Tarki

In this work, Tarki gives a detailed explanation of how one can design, implement and carry out a hiring strategy that is data-driven utilizing the most advanced recruiting technologies to construct a process that is not only competitive, but repeatable. It gives examples of how some of the world’s top companies operate their business models through these systematic, evidence-based, hiring models. 

The Problem Isn’t Their Paycheck: How to Attract Top Talent and Build a Thriving Company Culture by Grant Botma

Botma explains in this introspective and relatable book why money isn’t always a significant enough motivator for a candidate or an employee to make a significant professional move, listing three other elements a top-tier professional will want from a potential employer. It basically instructs a business on how to build an employee-first company culture that gives autonomy and also encourages creative productivity. 

Recruiters Websites believes anytime is a good time to educate yourselves, improve your craft and help build better professional communities.

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