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Thoughts on ice: How something that was once a luxury is now an essential

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This is a blog about digital marketing—I promise.  For search optimization purposes, let’s say digital marketing for talent acquisition, but realistically it can be for any business or organization or nonprofit, big or small or in between. We are all living in a crazy, whack-a-do diverse online ecosystem now, defined by complexity and a high population of users, each with their own purpose, needs and tastes.  

We aren’t just crawling out of the proverbial unused potential and white noise of the infant internet—we are in a city, man. In all the hustle, bustle, gold and garbage, it’s easy to get lost or be unseen. Digital marketing is your high ground, a way you can rise above the commotion and be seen by the people that need to see you, whose businesses and lives will benefit from an introduction and whatever else you have in your elevator pitch.  

So, ice.  

Why are we talking about ice? We’re not exactly, but for the purposes of good marketing, I’m going to make some real-life experiences correlate to the messaging I’m trying to get across to my digital marketing talent acquisition audience—that’s two times for the algorithms in the room 

We’re talking about ice because it is something we really take for granted in modern society. It is a staple, something considered so standard yet for most of history was an extremely luxurious item. Hell, the first instance of ice collection and storage goes all the way back to 1775 BC, when Sumerian Kings built elaborate drainage systems that would allow water to freeze overnight. Then, in 1802, a farmer and cabinet maker by the name of Thomas Moore invented insulated boxes to haul bricks of butter to the market. The commercial ice cutter was developed in 1827 to harvest ice more easily and, in 1913, the first home refrigerators were made. In the 1930s, the introduction of freon gas drastically expanded the home refrigeration market.  

And here we are. Ice in every home and restaurant. Not even a century ago it was a wonder of modern engineering, and now … we just pour carbonated high fructose corn syrup delights over it without acknowledging how awesome it is that the stuff is just everywhere in the middle of a humid midwestern summer.  

A luxury that is now a necessity

Ice is a luxury one might not realize is a luxury until you don’t have it anymore. None of my ice makers work at home, so we don’t generally have ice handy unless someone remembers to refill the ice trays, which we never do.  My wife asked the other day—it was a Saturday, I think—hey, would you want me to pick up some ice? So, I told her to pick up two. We’ve had ice in every drink for the last two weeks and it’s a sensation I really take for granted until it's gone again. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes tea, soda, Kool-Aid and water just better, and in some situations such as food preservation where refrigeration is not immediately accessible, it is essential. 

Digital marketing for talent acquisition—that’s three—is a lot like ice. Stay with me. It makes your business better by maximizing your reach, opening sections of an audience that might not have ever known you existed, and providing you with the opportunities to serve your niche and the resources that come from proper execution. It also preserves your brand by showing that you are active, modern and trying to be a “thought leader” dedicated to the growth and evolution of your space. It keeps your brand front and center, gaining the attention of the audiences you want, the audiences you target.  

Like these little semi-permanent H2O shimmering crystal cubes and pellets, digital marketing for talent acquisitionfour!—was once a luxury and is now accessible to every business. For all that you invest in your business, comparatively, expertly crafted and implemented marketing strategies, given time—that’s important to note—by far pay back the biggest dividends. A 5:1 ROI is considered good by most standards, but the potential gains can be much greater if your marketing partners understand your clients, the professionals you represent and the uniqueness of the recruiting and staffing industries.  

And that brings me to my next point. You’re part of an industry and industries change given their exposure to the pressures of the economy and the stimuli provided by the world.  

So … freshen up your drink (the drink is your marketing strategy). 

This recruiting space is defined by three groups—clients, candidates and you—and depending on how hiring is going, how we market and to whom we market changes. But it doesn’t stop there—even within client- or candidate-focused marketing and content creation there is a diversity of personas, needs and factors that must be considered and course corrected for.  

Marketing is not a one-off. It is only effective if vigilant, proactive and constantly adapting to meet the light-speed needs of the digital marketplace. In marketing, relevance is defined by speed, stamina and a willingness to make the committed investment that is necessary if you want to add to the conversation, be heard and achieve long-term results over frivolous short-term gains.  

At Recruiters Websites, we can’t offer overnight solutions to obstacles that will take time, consideration and constant care to solve—and we won’t tell you we can. What we will do is get to know you, your brand and where you want to be. Then we can make a map and put you on a path to relevancy and visibility, positioning you to bring impactful service to even more of the people and businesses who need you.   

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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