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Top 5 Recruiting Conferences of 2019

2019 Recruiting Conferences

As we near the middle of the year, it’s time to check in on New Year’s Resolutions (if you set them). Have you been going to the gym like you said you would? (I know I haven’t.) Have you been spending less time on social media? (I’ve been failing at this one too.) The good thing is, there’s still time to accomplish some of those goals—especially if your resolution was to learn more about the recruiting industry. There is still time! A number of recruiting conferences are scheduled for the latter half of 2019, giving you plenty of opportunities to make connections and improve your skills.

Talent 42

June 11-12 | Seattle, Washington

Early Bird Registration Deadline: N/A

If you’re wanting to learn more about the world of technology recruiting, this is the conference for you. This 2019 recruiting conference is designed to help those in the engineering, software or other technical recruiting industries recruit better. You’ll walk away with tips and tricks for recruiting top-performing technology professionals to better help your clients.

Sessions Include

“The World of API for Sourcing” presented by Mark Tortorici, Transform Talent Acquisition

“Recruiting Engineers (From an Engineer’s Perspective)” presented by Lee Robinson, Hy-Vee

“What Online Dating Can Teach Us About Recruiting and Why We’re Bad at Both,” presented by Robert Coombs, CredSimple

SRSC (Social Recruiting Strategies Conference)

August 6-8 | Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

Early Registration Deadline: May 31

This conference’s goal is to create an interactive learning experience for recruiters to learn about current and future recruiting trends. By focusing on content marketing, employee advocacy, employer branding, recruiting strategies and practices, and recruitment marketing, this conference focuses on helping recruiters grow their online presence and use new methods to attract top candidates.

Sessions Include

“Walking the Talent Tightrope: Balancing Automation and Personalization in the Candidate Experience” presented by Gary Zukowski, Career Arc

“Recruiting Reinvented: Digital Transformation of Executive Search” presented by Paul Valente, AMC Networks

“Attract Talent with Content Marketing: Create Your Playbook” presented by Lori Sylvia, Rally Recruitment Marketing

NAPS 360

September 22-24 | San Antonio, Texas

Early Bird Registration: Varies

The only kind of nap you can afford to take. This educational conference is an opportunity for recruiters and staffers to learn tips and tricks about different types of industries, recruiting ethics, hiring top executives, and maximizing their recruiting potential. By creating an environment that allows staffers and recruiters to learn together, you are sure to develop new skills and connect with industry leaders that can help you attract better candidates.

Sessions Include

“The Working Dead: Keeping Your Team Alive and Engaged” presented by Carletta Clyatt, The Omnia Group

“Sourcing Wizardry: Tips for Finding People and Information” presented by Todd Bossler, Top Echelon

“Mentally Prepared for Anything: Boost Your Inner Resilience as a Recruiter” presented by Patricia Conlin, Global Consulting Group Inc


September 23-25 | Atlanta, Georgia

Early Bird Registration: N/A

This 2019 Recruiting Conference is designed to let recruiters have real conversations about the industry. Focusing on the idea of “real answers and real solutions,” Sourcecon is one of the largest recruiting conferences in the industry. By providing ways to find creative solutions for attracting candidates and clients, sharing tips for implementing diversity solutions and offering more than enough networking opportunities, you’re bound to leave this conference with more information than you ever imagined.

Sessions Include

“Is Technology Our Friend or Our Enemy?” presented by Jan Tegze, Solar Winds Czech

“Tips, Tools and Tricks to Find the Candidates You Really Need” presented by Dean Da Costa, Lockheed Martin

“Avoid the PWN: Tools and Stack to Upgrade Your Sourcing Game” presented by Greg Hawkes, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ERE Recruiting

October 14-16 | Washington, D.C.

Early Bird Registration: August 9

ERE knows your organization’s success is based on staying ahead of the game. This conference is designed to help your company navigate a candidate-driven market, stand out from the crowd of other recruiters and develop new strategies and tactics to attract new clients and candidates.

Sessions Include

“Using Radical Inclusion to Grow Your Business” presented by Mike Brady, Grayston

“How to Stand Out in an Era of Machines” presented by Ed Nathanson, Red Pill Talent

“The Recruiters of 2025” presented by Peter Brooks, Northrum Grumman Corporation, and Mike Bruni, CIA

Each of these recruiting conferences offers different opportunities for you to grow your business with new skills and insight and give you the chance to collaborate with fellow recruiters. Whether you're heading to Seattle, San Antonio, D.C., Atlanta or Philly, you’re sure to accomplish your New Year’s Resolution of learning more about the recruiting industry in 2019.

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