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Top Social Media Recruiter Groups

Top Social Media Recruiter Groups | Recruiters Websites

Are you a member of any recruiter groups on social media? Joining groups is a great way to stay connected with a diverse group of people within your industry. Not only do they help put the social aspect back into social media, but they can also help you learn new tips and tricks to improve your talent acquisition game. We have compiled a short list of groups that, if you aren’t already a part of them, you should be!

Recruiter Groups on LinkedIn

1. The Recruiter

The Recruiter is an open forum for recruiters and HR professionals to ask, educate, share ideas and discuss recruitment/HR topics. Currently 35,023 members. 

2. Corporate Recruiters

Corporate Recruiters calls itself the number one group for corporate recruiters. Their main goal is to connect recruiters and share ideas on leveraging LinkedIn potential and improving sourcing, talent acquisition, referrals and fee-splitting. Currently 93,773 members. 

3. Silicon Valley Recruiters Association

Silicon Valley Recruiters Association is an organization established to serve those in the recruiting profession to gather for networking, education and industry best practices in a non-competitive environment. Currently 2,061 members. 

Recruiter Groups on Facebook

4. SourceCon

SourceCon is a place to discuss sourcing and recruiting. The goal of the group is to share best practices and talk about relevant topics. Currently 10,700+ members. 

5. Recruiters Online

Recruiters Online is a place for people involved in recruiting, sourcing, interviewing, hiring, HR, recruitment, marketing, recruiting social media and career consulting. Currently 20,300+ members. Must be in a professional recruiter role to join.

6. HR Open Source (#HROS)

HR Open Source describes itself as an initiative designed to bring an open-source approach to HR and recruiting. Currently 10,400+ members.

7. Recruiters Network

Recruiters Network describes itself as a group of recruiters and talent acquisition, executive search, sourcers, HR and staffing professionals. They share information about the job market, hiring, recruiting tips and techniques, technology and more. Currently 4,800+ members. To join, you must work in a recruiter, talent acquisition or executive search professional role. 

8. The Recruiter Think Tank

The Recruiter Think Tank is a group where you can access resources, unique opportunities and a community of like-minded individuals from all success levels. Currently 1,900 members.

Groups can help you in your recruiting journey and connect you with others who understand recruiting stresses and strains. We hope you’re ready to absorb infinite wisdom from recruiting leaders who are willing to share. Our team is focused on strategic planning and implementation. If you are prepared to kick up your digital efforts and grow your business, reach out today.

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